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Why does Taekwondo have different colored belts?

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Taekwondo belts and their color aren’t just a random assortment of colors to look pretty, but are actually quite functional  They are used to separate the ranks in this dynamic discipline.  In Taekwondo, each belt color has a meaning which lets students themselves along with other students recognizing their development and growing knowledge.

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The colors of the belts as they characterize the advancement of rank, in addition to the growth of the student.  It normally takes a beginning student a great length of time to attain the ultimate black belt everyone sets out to get.  However, with hard work and determination anyone can achieve this level of skill and development.

White belt

A white belt is the image of delivery, or the beginning for the stylist.  Taekwondo students that put on white belts are just starting out, searching for the information to continue in this discipline.

Yellow belt

A yellow belt is the first ray of sunshine that shines on the student, giving them new strength for their future journey in development.  Taekwondo students which have yellow belts have taken an awesome step in learning, and have opened their thoughts and bodies to new thoughts and techniques.

Green belt

A green belt is the symbol of development, or a seed because it sprouts from the ground and begins to grow into a plant.  Students with green belts are continuing along the path of Taekwondo, studying to develop additional and redefine every method they’ve been taught.

Blue belt

A blue belt represents a blue sky, with the plant persevering with to grow upwards, heading for the sky.  Students with blue belts continue to maneuver higher in ranks, as the plant continues to grow taller.  College students at this stage will also be given extra knowledge of Taekwondo belt so that their thoughts and body can proceed to grow and develop.

Brown or Purple belt

The brown or purple belt is the heat of the sun, with the plant continuing the path upwards towards the sun.  Taekwondo students that possess brown or purple belts are greater in rank, as they’ve acquired a whole lot of the information in the art of Taekwondo.  Brown or purple belts also tell the students to be cautious, as they achieve more knowledge and their bodily methods increase.

Black belt

A black belt is the very best of the best.  It symbolizes the darkness that is on the market past the sunshine of the sun.  Once the scholar is given a black belt and begins to train different college students, he’ll educate all that has been taught to him.  Black belts acknowledge the perfect college students, as they proceed to teach others the artwork of Taekwondo, and continue the by no means ending cycle of training.

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  1. shinobi-ninja Says:

    We teach ninjutsu at our school and have progressive belt colors too. It does help the students “see’ proof of their progress. It is similar to having a child. You see them every day and never “see” them grow. But, a relative that only sees the child once per year “sees” major growth. The student sees themselves everyday and can’t see how far they have come. The belts help.

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