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Fights to make after UFC 121

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UFC 121 gave mixed martial arts fans enough ammunition to fuel debates for months to come. With the dust settling, new questions about potential match ups will creep into the minds of fans and match makers alike. Here are a few suggestions on some ideal battles that will not only thrill onlookers, but clean up the contender waiting list in a few weight classes. While Cain Velasquez versus Junior Dos Santos is a definite match on the horizon, these suggestions haven’t been mentioned but should be considered.

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Jake Shields versus Diego Sanchez
While both of these fighters walked away victorious after their UFC 121 matchups, Sanchez surely looked more impressive than Shields. As the welterweight division becomes more and more crowded with fighters waiting for their shot at the title, it’s inevitable that a few contender elimination fights must be scheduled. Many people believe that Shields will be placed at the top of the heap due to his performances in other promotions; however he didn’t look as dominate as many expected. Sanchez is looking for a career rebirth and what better way to do so than by knocking off the UFC’s newest name? Would Sanchez be able to use his constant pressure to overwhelm his opponent or would Shields revert back to his dominating, Jiu Jitsu methods for victory?

Matt Hamill versus Jon Jones
The first time these two faced off in the Octagon, Jones imposed his will upon Hamill and had him in a precarious position. However, using illegal blows caused a stoppage to the fight and the revelation that Hamill had sustained a separated shoulder earlier in the fight. The disqualification loss is the only defeat on Jones’s record and certainly he wants to get that victory back. Hamill looked excellent in his battle against Tito Ortiz; weathering an early storm then dominating the former light heavyweight champion with the fighting style he made famous. A matchup against Hamill will be a step up in competition that Jones is looking for, while measuring if Hamill is set to be nothing more than a gate keeper to title contention.

Brock Lesnar versus Frank Mir
The rubber match between two former UFC heavyweight champions is almost a must make. These two guys are both in need of a big victory after their last performances and the sight of each other across the cage can inspire their best performances to date. Mir looked as if he was sleep walking through his fight with Mirko Cro Cop and Dana White called him out for it. For Lesnar, a fight against Mir may bring back the fire that first got him involved with this sport. Brock would have to answer the questions surrounding his stand up game, while Mir would have to improve his ability to get out from under stifling wrestlers. Either way with the anger that these two men share for each other, this fight would be a promotion train waiting to be let loose.

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