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10.25.10 – Exercise of the Day

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Push Up

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One of the most standard exercises for any workout routine, the push-up is pivotal to your training as a martial artist. Legend has it that Bruce Lee used to do push-ups with just his index finger and thumb. While that may be out of your league, using the push-up to develop your strength and endurance are important to both your striking and grappling. Another benefit is that you can use this exercise anyway, as it requires no type of equipment. Mix this workout into your training program when you are working on your chest and arms. As you become stronger, use variations to improve the intensity of the exercise.

Example Push-Up Workout

1. Standard Push-Ups: 3 Sets (20, 30 and 40 reps.)
2. Pyramid Push-Ups: Start with 1 push-up, then 1-2, then 1-2-3, etc until you do 10.
3. Push-Up and Hold: Do 10 push-ups and hold for 1 minute at the top of the push –up. Complete 3 sets.

Variations include: elevated push-ups; one hand push-ups and knee to elbow push-ups

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