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Double Leg Takedown

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A mainstay among the take down maneuvers, the double leg takedown is the focus of this week’s “Technique of the Week.”

The double leg takedown is used in various martial arts such as wrestling and Jiu Jitsu as a method to get close to your opponent and quickly place them on their back or in a defensive position.

To begin, position your body in an athletic stance; with your knees bent, hands up and body slightly forward. Be sure not to lean too far over as you can open yourself to being snatched to the ground. Place either your right or left foot slightly in front of the other.

Before you attempt a double leg takedown, ensure that you are close enough to your opponent. To do so, you should be able to reach him or her with your rear hand. If you can’t do so, taking a shot from this distance will reduce the amount of contact that you make and leave you susceptible to counter attacks.

First, with your lead leg, step closely towards your opponent; placing your foot between the opponent’s legs. Next, drive forward until your knee on the lead leg touches the floor. This should cause your shoulder and chest to impact your opponent’s legs. Wrap your arms around the person’s legs and either make a grip or grab onto their clothing. To finish the maneuver you can drive your opponent towards their back, or lift them onto your shoulder for the slam.

It’s very important that you are close enough to your opponent before initiating this takedown. Also, when you prepare to take the lead step, change levels to get your head lower than your opponent’s. The double leg takedown is an important move to master for those involved in mixed martial arts. Examples of fighters that have a great “shot” include Josh Koscheck and Georges St. Pierre.

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