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The Ultimate Fighter Season 12 – Episode Seven Recap

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The Ultimate Fighter: Team GSP versus Team Koscheck has seen a rout of domination by team St. Pierre. As episode seven begins, we find Koscheck talking to yet

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another defeated fighter in Sevak Magakian. Koscheck tells his fighter to be ready because he may be allowed to come back for the wildcard fight, which will be announced during this episode.

The fighters who have been defeated have one final chance to make their dream of becoming a UFC fighter come true. If they are selected to participate in the Wild Card round, they can fight their way back into the contract hunt. The only fighter who is counted out is Spencer Paige due to the broken hand he suffered during his defeat to Nam Pham. All the other fighters in the house plead their case as to why they should be chosen for the comeback.

The last fight of the first round is announced and pits Sako Chivitchian from Team Koscheck against Dane Sayers of Team St. Pierre. Dane was the last pick of Team GSP and is considered one of the more inexperienced fighters in the house. St. Pierre helps Sayers work on his standup game in hopes to neutralize the take downs and ground control of his opponent. During the course of training, St. Pierre calls Sayers the “most improved fighter on his team.”

Koscheck is back to his old tricks as he works to get under the skin of Brad Tate, a medic that is on hand for Team St. Pierre. While Tate says that Koscheck is nothing to him, it’s very present that Koscheck has angered the St. Pierre stable member. Sako talks about his motivation to become the next Ultimate Fighter and the hardships he has faced during his younger years. Sako has fought extensively in Judo competitions and plans to use that to his advantage during his fight with Sayers.

The coach’s challenge calls for Koscheck and St. Pierre to show their skills during a Home Run Derby. Both fighters are given ten pitches that they must hit varying distances to score 1, 3, or 6 points. St. Pierre is nervous because it is revealed that not only has not played baseball, but he has never swung a bat in his life. During Round 1 Koscheck storms to an early lead as he scores 7 points to St. Pierre’s 3. In Round 2 St. Pierre gets his feet under him and knocks in 7 points to bring his total to 10, while Koscheck scores 9. Round 3 is a complete blowout as Koscheck rakes in 18 points and St. Pierre is unable to make contact with the ball. Team Koscheck’s fighters gain not only a moral victory, but $1,500 each.

Dane Sayers (7-1) faces off against Sako Chivitchian (5-0). Round 1 almost ends the fight very quickly as Sako shoots for a takedown but finds him caught in a guillotine choke. Sako pushes Dane against the cage and fights out of the hold. Dane gets back to his feet, but Sako uses his Judo skills to keep his opponent pressed against the cage. Finally freeing himself from the hold, Dane faces off against a pressing Sako in the middle of the cage. Dane gains the upper hand by pressing Sako against the cage and scoring with repeated knees. Dane continues to maintain strong position against the cage but can’t capitalize before the round is over.

Round 2 begins with Dane being the aggressor and pressing forward with strikes. The opening gives Sako the opportunity to take his opponent to the ground. While staying in half guard, Sako continues to strike using elbows and blows to the head. Once again Dane gets back to his feet and exchanges blows with Sako. Dane attempts two takedowns and comes extremely close to scoring, but Sako uses the cage to regain his balance. Both fighters continue to trade take down attempts but neither is able to score and get his opponent to the ground. Sako continues to use his Judo to threaten with take downs, but is only able to press Dane against the cage. The fight ends with both fighters upright in this position.

Team Koscheck preps their fighter for a third round because they feel the fight could be judged very closely. However, the judges award Sako Chivitchian the unanimous decision by the score of 20-18. Even in defeat, Dane impressed many of the trainers, coaches and fighters with his quick improvement as a mixed martial artist.

Dana White calls in both coaches to discuss which fighters should be allowed to take part in the Wild Card match. Koscheck first selects Aaron Wilkinson with whom St. Pierre agrees should receive a slot. St. Pierre rallies behind Dane after his performance in the last first round fight, but Koscheck votes for Marc Stevens to be awarded the last slot. The debate is held and the decision is made as to who will take part in the Wild Card fight. Marc Stevens will face off against Aaron Wilkinson for a chance to earn their way back and become this season’s Ultimate Fighter.

Tune into The Ultimate Fighter next Wednesday to see who wins this fight and what else breaks out between the cast of The Ultimate Fighter: Team St. Pierre versus Team Koscheck.

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