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The Ultimate Fighter: Team GSP vs Team Koscheck – Episode Eight Recap

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The Ultimate Fighter: Team GSP versus Team Koscheck has entered the Wild Card phase during the seventh episode. Marc Stevens and Aaron Wilkinson where chosen to face off against one another for a chance to fight back for the right to become a UFC lightweight competitor.

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This week’s show opens up with Dane Sayers and the rest of Team GSP stating their feelings on the Wild Card selection. Many individuals felt that Sayers put up a great fight in his lost to Sake, however he was still not chosen. UFC President Dana White even weighed in with his feelings stating that he believes Stevens is the better fighter at this time.

Wilkinson and Stevens go through their training plans to fight against each other. Often times they are shown side by side as they use the same equipment to prepare for their upcoming competition. Other members of Team Koscheck voice their disdain for not being selected for the Wild Card fight even though they throw their support behind their teammates.

Wilkinson’s game plan is to keep the fight standing so he can work his boxing skills, where he feels he is the superior fighter. As the proven wrestler, Stevens wants to take the fight to the ground and control where the action takes place.

Back in the house, Team GSP begins to experience some dissention through Michael Johnson and Alex “Bruce Leroy” Caceres . The teammates continue to go back and forth while openly expressing their wish to fight each other. Their wish comes to head during a team meeting, when St. Pierre informs his group that a pair of teammates will have to fight each other in order to move into the next round. Through a process of elimination, he allows his athletes to pick whom they would like to fight. St. Pierre states that is he has to make a decision; Alex and Johnson will face off in the cage.

However, before Wilkinson and Stevens can even get in the cage to exchange blows, a war of words escalates into a shoving match between Koscheck and a member of Team GSP named Brian Tate. Since last week’s episode Koscheck and Tate have continued to go back and forth in verbal combat. During episode seven things get slightly physical as Koscheck and Tate play around in the locker room area. But during the weigh ins, the fun and games go out the door. Tate’s words finally get under the skin of Koscheck who shoves Tate. Both teams jump from the benches to keep the men from going at it. Sayers finds himself between the combatants and takes some shoves to the face. He storms out of the weigh in to compose himself. A few minutes later St. Pierre and Koscheck follow after him as Koscheck wants to apologize.

While preparing for this fight against Stevens, Wilkinson receives some bad news that his “Nana” has passed away. He steps off camera to express his sorrow, but doesn’t share his feelings with his teammates. His mother tells him not to come home and to continue training for his dream to become a UFC fighter.

Koscheck takes himself out of the equation and does not corner either fighter during the contest. He wishes both of them good luck and takes his seat in the stands, hardly able to watch the fight during some points.

Round one starts with both fighters feeling each other out. Stevens snaps a few legs kicks to control the distance before shooting in for a quickly double leg take down. Once on the ground he continues to advance position; moving to side control and the full mount. Wilkinson tries to scramble but Stevens uses that moment to take his opponent’s back. Wilkinson fights out of the bad position but has to continue dealing with Stevens’ submission attempts. Wilkinson finds himself nearly caught in an arm bar then a triangle, but avoids being submitted by both. The round ends with Wilkinson staking Stevens against the cage but unable to make any progress to attack his opponent.

In round two Wilkinson comes out with his hands in play; using his stand up skills to keep Stevens at bay. Wilkinson throws a body kick and Stevens uses that moment to take Wilkinson down to the ground. This time is very different than round one as Stevens slides right into a guillotine choke. He tries to fight but has to tap out to the submission hold.

Dana White expresses his disgust that Stevens fell to the same move once again while other fighters from Team Koscheck express how they would have put on a better fight. Wilkinson and Stevens talk about the fight results with Wilkinson feeling bad that he had to put his teammate out of the competition.

White, St. Pierre and Koscheck come together to plan the fights for the next round. When they bring in all of the fighters for their input, each one picks Alex as their primary target. St. Pierre pushes for Johnson to fight against Alex while stating his ideas for the other fights. Koscheck uses this time to pull vital information from St. Pierre about each one of his athletes.

White announces the fights for the quarterfinals. Jonathan Brookins will fight Sako Chivitchian. Cody McKenzie faces off against Nam Pham. Kyle Watson will battle Aaron Wilkinson and Michael Johnson will face off against Alex Caceres. Koscheck is upset with the fight selection and believes White gave St. Pierre the fights of his choice.

Be sure to tune in next week for two quarterfinal fights that will set the next stage of contenders to become the UFC’s next Ultimate Fighter.

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