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Exercise of the Week

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Cardiovascular endurance is an important part of any fighter’s preparation before competing. It’s important that you have the ability to fight the full length of the battle without losing too much energy and strength. Doing so will place you at a dangerous disadvantage if your opponent is better prepared. Interval training is one way to improve your stamina for competition.

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Another benefit of interval training is that it can help you shed excess fat which is vital during the weight cutting phases of training. The training allows your body to continue burning calories for extended times;; even after you have competed training. You can use interval training by running, biking and even the elliptical machine.

The key to interval training is to alternate high and low intensity levels during your training. For example, begin your run at 6.0 miles per hour and hold that intensity for two minutes. Once that time frame is over, lower the intensity to 3.0 miles per hour to prepare for the next two minutes. Once that session is up, increase the speed to 6.5 miles and run for two more minutes. Continue this pattern for 10 minutes or longer depending upon your fitness level.

It’s important that you prepare your body with stretching and slow progress before jumping head first into interval training. Not doing so can cause your body strain due to the high intensity portions of the workout. You can create different variations to fit the endurance that you need for your competition.

Example of interval training workout:

1. 3-5 minutes of warm-up
2. 2 minutes of high intensity
3. 2 minutes of moderate to low intensity
4. 30 seconds of high intensity (alternate with step five – 4 times)
5. 30 seconds of low intensity
6. 60 seconds of high intensity sprints (alternate with step seven – 4 times)
7. 60 seconds of low intensity jogging
8. 3 minute cool down

Add interval training to your workout plan to ensure that you will have the stamina and strength when it matters.

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