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Exercise Tip of the Week 11.16.10

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Explosive strength is a vital trait for any mixed martial arts fighter. The ability to suddenly attack or move your opponent can change the complexion of the battle. Plyometric strength training is one way to help develop your explosive power.

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This training method involves a number of quick movements and lifting motions. These motions impact a number of different muscles that help build your strength, agility and speed. Each of these attributes can help a fighter gain the upper hand over his opponent. Plyometric exercises should be practiced with the mentality that every single motion during the exercise must be done to completion to gain the most from the workout.

Many different types of plyometric exercises are available to add to your workout. For example, if you are trying to develop your leg strength for kicking, you can use box jumps which develop the major muscle groups in your lower body. The power clean is an example of an exercise that works your entire body; developing strength and stamina.

When beginning to train with plyometric exercises it’s important to start at a slow pace. Jumping into a high intensity workout that your body is not used to can cause damage and strained muscles. You should do a brief warm up session before any exercises to make sure you are prepared for the training. Due to the intense levels of training involved, you should work in plyometric training while you are between fights. This will give your body a longer amount of time to adapt to the training measures. Also, work in the exercises after you have completed your aerobic workouts.

Examples of Plyometric Exercises include
Power Clean
Jumping Lunges
Box Jumps
Plyometric Pushups
Plyometric Pull Ups
Jumping Squats
Lying Bench Press Throw with Medicine Ball

Adding plyometric training will help boost your explosive strength while developing your speed and stamina. Use this training advice to make strides in your martial arts career.

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