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Technique of the Week — Leg Kicks

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When taking part in a mixed martial arts competition, a consistent stream of offense is becoming more and more important. Using techniques that keep your opponent off balance and in a defensive position can help ensure that your attack can continue. Leg kicks are one of the best options to use when trying to safely push the pace of the fight while opening up your opponent for future attacks.

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Leg kicks are the snapping blows that fighters such as Thiago Alves or Forrest Griffin use to injure and render their opponent nearly motionless. The repeated blows to the leg can cause a wide range of damage. A fighter’s legs are very important when generating the force behind different strikes and take down techniques. When the legs are repeatedly damaged with leg kicks, the receiving fighter will not be able to generate that momentum when attacking. This poses well for his opponent. Adding leg kicks to your fight game will help you during the course of your career.

Leg kicks can attack three main areas of your opponent; the shin, knee or upper thigh. At the same time you can disrupt your opponent’s stance and attacks. One of the main points to know when using leg kicks is that the motion must begin with your hips. Hip motion generates the force behind each of your kicks. Strengthening your core muscles can help you develop the ability to throw powerful leg kicks.

When practicing leg kicks, teach yourself how to land each blow with your shin instead of the top portion of your foot. The shin bone is a very hard area of your body and can cause a lot of damage to the legs. While the slapping sound made when the top of your foot hits the leg is loud, it’s the actual digging with the shin muscle that causes the damage. Learn how to target the same area of the legs to cause more and more damage over the course of the fight.

Another use of the leg kick is to disrupt your opponent. A well timed leg kick can knock your opponent off balance or even down to the mat. If you strike while your opponent is throwing punches, you can distort their stance which will remove power from their attacks. Practice aiming for the area below the knee to offset his stance. This blow will cause your opponent’s weight to shift and possible knock them completely over.

Practice throwing leg kicks in combination with your punches. When used together, leg kicks can cause your opponent to lower his hands which open him for the knockout blow you may want. Also, learn how to use your punches to blind your opponent from seeing the incoming leg kick to either side.

Overtime, adding leg kicks will improve your ability as a striker. With these incorporated into your game, you will be able to keep your opponent off balance and dominate the stand up portions of the fight.

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