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Books for Mixed Martial Artists

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Studying the game is an important part of becoming a qualified athlete. No matter what sport you practice, up and coming athletes should continue to find ways to learn that go beyond mma training. Some athletes enjoy watching film on their favorite players, while others way read books by prominent individuals within their industry. Mixed martial artists can continue their learning the same way. Many different books have been written that will help your understanding of the sport grow. This is a short list of interesting titles.

The Stand up Game
Greg Jackson

Published in 2009, The Stand up Game is a review of the training techniques that Greg Jackson uses with his stable of MMA fighters. Throughout thebook you can read about tactics that include striking, clinching and takedowns. Each section is color coded for organizational purposes and accompanied by full color pictures. Jackson even goes into tactics that can help save your life during an altercation on the street. This is a good pick up for aspiring fighters who want to add to their stand up training.

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The Ground Game
Greg Jackson

The second volume in Greg Jackson’s instructional series, The Ground Game focuses on more grappling aspects of Jackson’s MMA. The book covers a variety of topics for training when the fight travels to the ground. Jackson goes in depth with information about using the full, rubber, butterfly and other forms of the guard. The Ground Game covers the use of submissions, submission defense and sweeps to move into dominant positions. A special section is also included in Jackson’s second book that covers sports nutrition which is an important part of any athlete’s regimen. Add this with the Stand up Game and Greg Jackson has created a catalog that has a place in any fighter’s catalog.

Ultimate Warrior Workouts
Martin Rooney

Martin Rooney traveled the world to bring mixed martial artists his most recent book. Ultimate Warrior Workouts is an in-depth look at the trainingaspects vital to many different fighting forms. This book covers wrestling, Muay Thai, Brazilian Jiu Jitsu, Judo and other forms of martial arts. Rooney brings together detailed descriptions of exercises that will invigorate the muscles needed for these fighting styles. Along with this information, Rooney provides interesting historical information about each fighting style and nutritional advice.

Reading about martial arts will never replace actual training time and you will not learn as much without participating. However, taking the time to continue studying the arts is important for anyone looking to grow and evolve.

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  1. ankapanaidu Says:

    YES The Stand up Game
    Greg Jackson is good book it teaches The tactics that include striking, clinching and takedowns. like these books are good examples for Mixed martial artists.

  2. mehnaspp Says:

    The Ground Game Greg Jackson is excellent book which include several good topics for training when the fight travels to the ground.Moreover Jackson’s second book described about the nutrition for athletes.Which is very important for any athletes.

  3. thacker Says:

    Yes, i agree if you don’t have the nutrition right then don’t even pick up the training books! Thanks for the comment!

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