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Weight Cutting Advice for MMA

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Weight cutting is an aspect of mixed martial arts training that some new competitors may overlook. Being able to effectively lower your weight can give you a vital advantage against your opponent standing across the cage. However, if you do not practice proper weight cutting tactics, you can damage your body and drain your energy for the upcoming fight. Here are some tips to help yourself cut weight and gain all the advantages while limiting the disadvantages in the process.

The first step that you need to begin your weight cut is to start early. Do not wait until the three or four days before the weigh in to try drop down to your weight class. It was rumored that Jake Shields waited until a few days before his last weigh in to cut 20 pounds and his performance was visibly affected during his UFC debut. Plan your weight loss process at least two weeks before the weigh in. Slowly limit the amount of food and liquid intake each day and continue your training to lose one to two pounds a day. Taking the calculated approach can help you maintain the advantages of dropping a weight class while avoiding some of the disadvantages such as drained energy.

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As you continue your training, using a variety of cardiovascular exercises such as running, bike riding and jumping rope can help you lose the excess weight. Wear heavy layers to increase how much your body sweats. Some athletes wear sauna or body suits to help with the weight loss process. However, do not use the additional layers for extended periods of time. Doing so can cause your body to overheat and individuals have died using such methods. Instead, use the clothing for spurts of 30 minutes to one hour. Change into dry, lighter clothing to keep your sweat going and then back into the layers to give your body a rest.

Using saunas is another type of weight cutting tactic that many athletes use. These heated rooms can help you lose vast amounts of weight quickly. Yet, you must use caution while using the sauna. To begin, limit your time in the room to 15-30 minute spans. Anything more than this can cause you to reach dangerous body temperatures.

Additional advice to help you make weight for your completion includes carrying a digital scale with you at all times. You want to be able to monitor your weight level and ensure that you are not losing too much weight. Once you have officially made weight, eat small meals at 30 minute intervals while drinking 3-5 gallons of fluid over the next day before competition. These meals should be packed with carbohydrates and proteins. Do not gorge yourself on food because you can leave your body feeling sick and bloated. Also, use this time to rest and recover before the competition. Get a good night’s sleep and be ready for the action that is quickly approaching.

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