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Greg Jackson Responds to Criticism

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In recent news, controversy has arisen over the criticism that Ultimate Fighting Championship’s president, Dana White, shot towards prominent MMA trainer Greg Jackson and his camp. At UFC 122 Nate Marquardt, who is trained by Jackson, was facing off against Yushin Okami for an opportunity to challenge for the Middleweight Championship. In what many people considered a slow bout, Okami was able to outpoint his opponent. While there must always be a winner and loser for every competition, the issue began during the post fight conference.

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It was during the conference in which White specifically blamed Jackson and the rest of Marquardt’s corner for his performance in the Octagon. Marquardt stated that he had felt like he was in command during the fight and was going to earn the decision victory. White’s response is what began the controversy.

White was quoted by with the following statements: “For Marquardt to leave the Octagon that night feeling like he won, your corner did you wrong,” White said. “Your corner did you wrong if you think you won that fight.” White continued on and began to point the finger at Jackson for coaching his fighters towards a “safety first” style of fighting. Criticism has been pointed to the recent performance of UFC Welterweight Champion Georges St-Pierre and Melvin Guillard as examples of Jackson’s “safety first” coaching.

In response to these accusations, Jackson released a statement to loaded with statistical evidence to prove the opposite. Jackson sent out an email listing the award bonuses that fighters from his training center have earned throughout 2010. In that time span, the UFC has held 22 events. Jackson’s data shows that a fighter from his camp has been awarded either “Fight of the Night,” “Knockout of the Night,” or “Submission of the Night.” Jackson went on to point out names of such fighters as Jon Jones, Carlos Condit and Kyle Noke who have finished a high percentage of their fights.

Jackson’s Mixed Martial Arts has a long list of prominent fighters on their roster and many hold strong positions within the UFC. Names such as Rashad Evans, Donald Cerrone and Shane Carwin anchor that training camp. Continued disagreement between the two groups could cause long term problems with important ramifications.

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