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Training Tip of the Week

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Flexibility is important for any martial artist, no matter the background. In MMA the ability to stretch your body can help you secure maneuvers that may be out of reach of a less flexible person. Beyond that a flexible person may be able to escape a submission attempt that would normally end the fight under any other circumstances. Yoga is a strong practice tool to help you reach a superb level of flexibility, while adding strength to your muscles and ligaments. yoga can also help improve your balance, breathing and recovery along with a number of other benefits.

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Practicing yoga will help you maneuver when in various positions during training and competition. For example, hip movement is a vital aspect of Brazilian Jiu Jitsu. Without the ability to move your hips effectively, you will miss out on a lot of submission and escape openings. Taking part in yoga classes can help you gain that ability as your body slowly adapts to the extended stretching. Your punching and kicking technique can also improve by the addition of yoga to your training routine.

Another benefit of adding yoga workouts into your fitness regimen is that the added flexibility will help you avoid the pains of everyday injuries. As you increase your training, it’s normal to experience slight injuries to muscle pain. Using yoga as a recovery tool can help avoid those minor injuries from becoming a serious problem that keeps you from training.

Many gyms offer yoga as a part of their class curriculum. Slowly add the program to your training practices. Do not push your body beyond its stretching limits until you are able to bend in the postures without extreme discomfort. Attend one to two classes a week and before long you will see an added level to your flexibility that will greatly benefit your mixed martial arts training.

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