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Possible Coaches for TUF Season 13

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In a conversation with UFC President, Dana White, discussed the possible coaches for the 13th season of The Ultimate Fighter, which is set to begin taping at the beginning of the year. He stated that a decision has not been made at this time, however some names have been thrown around.

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Potential names for the coaches of the next season included MMA icon Wanderlei Silva coaching against the brash talking Chael Sonnen. However, the UFC may be hesitant to place the limelight on Sonnen with the recent allegations and hearings surrounding his usage of testosterone. Sonnen has to serve a six month suspension which would make him eligible to fight sometime in March of 2011.

Other names that have been thrown around include UFC bantamweights Miguel Torres and Uriah Faber. Torres and Faber were both big names in the WEC and carried that organization during their long title runs. Another duo includes Brock Lesnar and Frank Mir; whose highly chronicled rivalry has seen both fighters earn a victory against each other. Rumors of a third match between the two were squashed when fans responded negatively towards the idea.

Here are some suggestions for other coaching matchup that could hold the fans interest:

Jose Aldo versus the winner of Josh Grispi/Dustin Poirier
Jose Aldo has wowed the MMA community with the way he has burst onto the scene. His performances have dropped jaws and opponents left and right. With the UFC merging the WEC under one banner, Aldo may be the next big star in the making. A stage like The Ultimate Fighter would be a great stage for the mainstream fan to get to know him. If Grispi would be able to defeat Poirier he would be a strong matchup for Aldo on the show. The main question is the timetable that Aldo is expected to recover from his recent back injury.

Cain Velasquez versus Junior dos Santos
With his dismantling of Brock Lesnar, Cain Velasquez has been thrust into the limelight as the UFC Heavyweight champion. However, many mainstream fans may not know much about the young star. Featuring him against the number one contender Junior Dos Santos would help introduce the world to two very young but highly skilled mixed martial artists. This with the potential of a UFC event taking place south of the border would be monumental for the company.

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2 Comments For This Post

  1. CagedMarketing Says:

    I believe Dana is supposed to make up his mind today on the coaches. I like Ariel Helwani’s suggestion of Cruz & Faber to coach this coming season. It’s a great way to ride the exposure of WEC into the mix of UFC fans after coming off a great final event for WEC. Faber is the WEC golden boy and with the action packed fights the smaller weight classes provide, I think it’s a simple choice.

    Not to mention, fans know a lot of the undercard and main card UFC fighters, but when they start adding the WEC weight classes in the PPVs, fans aren’t going to be familiar with them. UFC can use TUF as a way to introduce fans to these fighters.

    Just my opinion
    -Caged Marketing

  2. eoinace Says:

    I believe Sonnen VS Wanderlei is the best option, everyone knows we want a big rivalry and alot of trash talk, Mir is going to fight Schaub now so the Lesnar VS Mir season wont be for TUF13, and Faber VS Cruz shouldn’t be it, too early for the lower weightclasses to coach, plus I’ve talked to alot of fans here in Ireland and the top 5 they want are : 1-Sonnen Vs Wanderlei, 2-Sanchez Vs Hardy, 3-Leben Vs Anyone, 4-Belcher Vs Anderson Silva, 5-Koscheck Vs Hardy(UK Vs USA 2)

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