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Training Tips for MMA

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Running on a treadmill can be a benefit to your training routine. Unlike completing your road work outside, in your neighborhood or on a track, you can make adjusts to a treadmill that will greatly affect the intensity of your training. One of the best ways to quickly boost the impact of your running time is to increase the incline of the treadmill.

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According to a report on, running on a treadmill with an incline adjustment is harder than running on a flat plane. Going uphill is harder on your legs, but also adds more benefits to your training time. Using the incline will help you build stronger legs and boost your fitness levels at a faster rate than if you ran without using the option.

During your next running session, hop on the treadmill and begin at your normal pace, but increase the incline to 2.0 percent. While you are running at the same speed, you will notice that the time on the treadmill will be more difficult than your normal training session. Over time you can continue to increase the incline of the treadmill. To further boost you running program, combine the use of incline adjustments with interval training. You will burn more fat and strengthen your legs to new levels.

Mixed martial artists can use this training tactic to boost the strength and endurance of their legs. This is very important because in competition, weak legs can leave you in very dangerous positions. If you are able to move well during the later rounds as you do at the beginning, that will give you a strong advantage over your opponent.

As with any new training program, be sure to warm up and stretch thoroughly before adding the increased incline to your running. Not doing so can cause muscle strains which will severely hamper your development.

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