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Tips for the Aspiring MMA Fighter

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Mixed martial arts is a steadily growing sport within the United States and throughout the country as a whole. Every year more and more individuals find ways to get involved and begin training. As with any other sport, newcomers should take head to particular steps to make sure they have a smooth transition into the world of MMA.

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Selecting a School
Selecting a training school is a very important step in the process to becoming a mixed martial artist. Many individuals are starting schools when they themselves do not have a solid background within the sport. Before you sign up at any institution, do some research on the instructors at the facility. You should try to find a school that has teachers who have actively participated in the sport. Schools that have former or active fighters can give you an accurate look into the world of MMA. Also, research the fees required with training as everyone must work within a budget.

Start off Slow
While the idea of becoming a mixed martial artist would excite just about anyone, you must take your time and not jump into the deep end. MMA is a very competitive sport and trying out too much too fast can leave you or even worse, your training partners hurt. Take the time to practice moves over and over until you are comfortable enough to try them in live training.

Improve your Body
A key step in becoming an active mixed martial artist is that you must use your time wisely to continue to improve. This means adding training routines that are available outside of your school’s facilities. For example, join a yoga class to help develop the flexibility needed by martial artists or make it a habit to run multiple times throughout the week. A fighter must also develop the proper nutritional habits to make sure his or her body receives all the nutrients needed to function. Be sure to give your body ample time to rest as well. During these rest periods your body will recover from the stress of daily training.

Study the Arts
Learn as much as you can about martial arts, even when you are not physically involved in a class. This includes reading texts from highly acclaimed instructors or watching instructional films for further insight. Training in any form of martial arts is a life-long process that happens beyond the mats, rings or cage.

Take these tips to heart as you begin your training in MMA. It will be a difficult and painful process but as time goes by, you will make the strides to reach your goal.

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  1. Mark Says:

    Fun video of The Expendables: Tough enough contest winner, training with Randy Couture

  2. Martial Art Book Says:

    Great post Raphael, this is so true. There is not a better time to get into MMA than right now. If you are even thinking about it do you thinking while you are training. just do it NOW. I hadn’t thought about this thanks for the post.

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