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UFC Pushes for New York

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During a live streaming press conference, the Ultimate Fighting Championship pledged to continue the trek to help mixed martial arts become legalized in the state of New York. Led by UFC CEO and Co-Owner Lorenzo Fertitta, UFC President Dana White and current UFC Lightweight champion Frankie Edgar, the organization held a press conference today to update the MMA community on the goal to bring the sport to the Big Apple.

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“This sport is now global,” said Fertitta. “It’s time to hold events in New York.”

During the press conference the group revealed findings from HR&A Advisors about the economic impact that legalizing MMA would bring to the state. According to their report the sport has the potential to bring $23 million dollars into the New York economy in one calendar year. Two UFC events can raise $16 million dollars while events from smaller, local promotions could help with an additional $7 million.

Madison Square Garden, also known as the Mecca of United States sporting venues, would be one of the target locations for a UFC event. MSG Sports President Scott O’Neil was adamant that his location would be willing to work with the promotion.

“We are thrilled that Dana and the UFC are so committed to New York,” O’Neil said. “We have no doubt that UFC would be enormously popular at the Garden and a great addition to our lineup of world class sports and entertainment events.”

The UFC has led the charge to have MMA legalized in many states throughout the country and localities beyond the US borders. Currently only six states have yet to legalize the sport: Connecticut (except for Indian reserve locations) New York, Vermont, West Virginia, Alaska, and Wyoming.

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