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Could Brock Lesnar’s fight with Junior Dos Santos be his last in the UFC?

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Last week, it was announced that former UFC Heavyweight Champion Brock Lesnar & #1 contender Junior Dos Santos, would be coaches on The Ultimate Fighter 13.  At the conclusion of the show, Dos Santos will put his title shot on the line against Lesnar, instead of waiting until UFC Heavyweight Champion Cain Velasquez recovers from injury.  Win, lose, or draw, this could be the last time we see Lesnar step inside the Octagon.

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It’s been reported that Lesnar has only 1 fight remaining on his current contract.  If that is indeed a fact, should Lesnar win, he would need to sign a new contract before fighting the man who took the title away from him.  Let’s say for arguments sake, that Lesnar will defeat Dos Santos.  Who truly knows whether Lesnar would resign with the UFC?

Throughout his professional career, it seems that Lesnar gets bored with whatever he’s doing.  He was tired of the travel schedule with World Wrestling Entertainment, despite having the company handed to him on a silver platter.  When he left the WWE, he decided he wanted to play football.  When he wasn’t signed off the practice squad with the Minnesota Vikings, he quit that too.  Finally, after back and forth fighting with the WWE, Lesnar made his way into MMA, and eventually the UFC.

The UFC welcomed Lesnar into the organization after only 1 fight.  As we all know, the UFC didn’t do him any favors by starting him with former Heavyweight champion, Frank Mir.  It took just 90 seconds for Mir to make Lesnar submit to a knee bar.  He took the loss, and learned from it.  He went on to win his next 4 fights before losing to Velasquez.  After the loss, Lesnar fell off the grid, and rumors were rampant regarding a possible return to the WWE for their annual Wrestlemania pay per view.

It’s going to be interesting to see how someone like Lesnar, who keeps to himself, is going to handle having camera’s on him all day, every day.  One possible explanation for Lesnar taking this job and getting out of his comfort zone is the money.  I’m sure there will be mention of his autobiography, Death Clutch: My Story of Determination, Domination, and Survival, which will generate thousands of purchases.  I’m sure we’ll see Lesnar and his coaches all wearing his clothing brand, Death Clutch.  Professional sports are all about the brand, and Lesnar coaching TUF will develop that brand.

Could we see Lesnar wear WWE gold again?

However, Lesnar doesn’t necessarily need of the money.  When he was in the WWE, he was one of their biggest stars, and garnered one of the biggest paychecks.  He’s a man who spends 6 figures on his MMA training camps before a fight.  That doesn’t seem like a guy that needs the money, which is why I wouldn’t be shocked to see him walk away from the UFC.

In the Shane Carwin fight, Lesnar was beaten up.  It was the first time in his career that he was hurt.  He rebounded and defeated Carwin with an arm triangle choke.  In the Velasquez fight, Lesnar was – as the kids would say – owned.  Velasquez dominated him and took away the gold.  Following the fight, as Lesnar was walking back to the locker room; he had a confrontation with WWE’s Undertaker.  This was where the rumors of Lesnar appearing at Wrestlemania started.

Those rumors were shot down when he was announced as a coach on TUF 13, but the thoughts still remain.  If he was to leave the UFC forever, he would make a fortune in pro wrestling with just a handful of appearances.  He could go to Japan and fight MMA or pro wrestling, and make a lot of money.  Whatever Lesnar decides to do, he will be one of the highest paid athletes in that profession.  If he decides to just go home and never appear on camera again, I’m sure he’ll be happy, because he could then, as he said after the UFC 100 victory, “get on top of my wife tonight.”

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