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Why we will see the Silva – GSP super fight

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Should Georges St-Pierre defeat Jake Shields, he will set up the mega fight that fans all across the world have been hoping for.  He would battle Anderson “The Spider” Silva for the UFC Middleweight Title.  Jake Shields is standing in the way of every MMA fan’s dream fight, but does he pose any real risk to St-Pierre?

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While it’s hard to automatically assume that a fighter is guaranteed to win his next fight, St-Pierre will do just that. St-Pierre has gone 14 – 1 since January 2005, with the only hiccup coming at the hands of Matt Serra at UFC 69, in April 2007. That loss can be attributed to St-Pierre overlooking the “less” talented fighter. It is possible that St-Pierre could suffer the same fate this April with what could be the most anticipated fight in the history of MMA.

Who’s to say that St-Pierre won’t have a repeat performance from the Serra Fight?

Something Serra possesses that Shields doesn’t is the 1 punch knockout potential. He has won 15 fights in a row, mostly by submission and decision. The 2 fights during that span that he won by TKO were against Renato Verissimo & Steve Berger, who own a combined MMA record of 29 – 26 – 2 – 2 NC. They aren’t what you would call future Hall of Famers.

Can Shields biggest weapon be stopped?

Shields biggest offensive weapon throughout his career has been his wrestling and his black belt in Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu. When he fought Dan Henderson last April, most analysts felt that Henderson, an Olympic wrestler, would win the Strikeforce Middleweight Title. Instead, Shields controlled Henderson for most of the fight, retaining his title by unanimous decision. He usually holds an advantage over his opponents in wrestling & BJJ, but that won’t be the case against St-Pierre.

St-Pierre also holds a black belt in BJJ and has one of the most relentless wrestling attacks in the sport. Jon Fitch & Josh Koscheck, both elite level wrestlers were annihilated by St-Pierre. It’s hard to imagine any fighter having as dominate of a streak that he currently possesses. Since the Serra defeat, St-Pierre has won 31 straight rounds, including multiple 10 – 8 rounds.

How serious are Shields chances of playing the spoiler?

This is professional fighting. Every time you step into the cage, whether you’re the underdog or the favorite, you have a chance at winning the fight. The biggest problem with that is when Shields has an opponent on his back, he just rests. St-Pierre on the other hand, gets his opponents on their backs, and while he still doesn’t finish the fights he should, he works and makes his opponents use their energy. The only thing I feel can help Shields become the new UFC Welterweight champion, is for St-Pierre to look towards the money fight with Silva. But I could be wrong, it’s happened once before.

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