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The Emperor Falls

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Strikeforce: Fedor versus Silva brought a major change to mixed martial arts. This change may have already occurred as the changing of the newguard in MMA; however, the way that Fedor fell was deafening. The Last Emperor walked out of the cage with a swollen eye and his legacy in question.

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Now, Strikeforce must recuperate as well. Without question the Heavyweight Grand Prix was formulated to get Fedor back into the cage against either Fabricio Werdum or Alistair Overeem. Now, that’s not happening. Strikeforce needs to regroup and push the individuals who are making waves for their company; such as Nick Diaz, Chad Griggs, and other names. Still, the organization seems intent on reaching back.

Strikeforce CEO Scott Coker seems hell bent on keeping Fedor in the cage. He CEO went as far as to say that Fedor can compete as an alternate in the Heavyweight Grand Prix. That announcement defeats the point of having four fighters battle each other for the alternate spots if they can be so quickly thrown away. Today, stated that Coker believes he will book a fight between Fedor and the loser of the Overeem versus Werdum matchup. Again, Coker seems to want to milk the “cash cow” that is Fedor, but has this cow already been made into hamburger?

Many people criticized UFC President Dana White for not wilting to the demands of M1-Global and not bringing the dominant Russian to the UFC. History may show that he made the right decision. His rants on Twitter after Fedor fell easily show that he stands behind his decision.

Strikeforce is in a precarious position. Fedor could still be a valuable asset to the organization. However, he must be used in the right way. Look at how the UFC gets the most out of Randy Couture, but still places him in a light that allows him to shine. The same can be done with the fighter who was undefeated for nearly a decade. Strikeforce needs to book him as a fading superstar, instead of the powerhouse UFC killer they hope he would become.

Fedor Emelianenko will go down as one of the greatest heavyweights and mixed martial arts fighters of all time. But that best time is behind him. Strikeforce can help usher him into the next phase of his career the correct way, or they can keep pushing him to take fights that may not be the best idea for his legacy. Hopefully, Fedor makes the right choice.

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