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Pressure Point – 7 Most Lethal Pressure Points

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Like we explained in the post, “4 Martial Arts Moves That Kill” a pressure point or the “Death Touch” is an area on the human body that may produce significant pain or other effects when manipulated in a specific manner.  Expert practitioners in the art of pressure points and Dim Mak state that there are hundreds of different pressure points but only a few of them actually work in a self defense or fighting situation.

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7 Lethal Pressure Point Breakdown:

Pressure Points HeadPressure Point #1: The Cornal Structure

The cornal structure is an extremely lethal point on the human body. It is located at the top of the head toward the forehead. It is also known as the “soft spot” on babies between the skull bones. It is covered by a membrane that hardens and closes after about 18 months of age, but it remains weaker than the rest of the skull. Beneath the membrane is the sensory portion of the brain and the optic cavity. A jolt to this area will cause the receive of the blow to become confused in addition to extreme pain, but a serious blow can result in death when using this pressure point.

Pressure Point #2: The Area Above the Nose

The area above the nose and beneath the lips is an extremely sensitive area. Known as the anterior nasal spine, it is pinpointed by finding the two lines that run from the lip up to the nose. A direct hit to this area shocks the person and causes dizziness. It can also cause damage to the maxilla bone that holds the gums and teeth. This will result in excessive bleeding and prolonged shock.

Pressure Point #3: The Clavicles

The clavicles are bones that support the shoulders, but they are also the point of extremely sensitive nerves. If these bones are broken or jolted with great force, it can immobilize a person. A serious broken clavicle can also puncture the lungs, hearts, trachea, or aorta due to its placement in the body.


Pressure Point #4: Kidneys

Kidneys are located underneath the diaphragm on either side of the body near the lower back. A firm strike to the kidneys will result in a tremendous amount of pain or, in the worst case scenario, internal bleeding. Because the kidneys are connected to the bladder, it will likely cause the person hit to urinate, but the internal bleeding can result in death soon after the blow.

Pressure Point #5: The Diaphragm

The diaphragm itself is also a major lethal pressure point. It is the solar plexus located at the base of the sternum. Its function is to regulate the intake of oxygen. A minor jab to the diaphragm can result in the inability to breath properly, while a serious strike can cause death due to asphyxiation.

Pressure Point #6: The Liver

The liver is located on the right side of the body and extends to the left side in a point. This bottom portion of the liver is unprotected by the ribs making it vulnerable to attack. If it is hit with enough force, it can become punctured by the ribs it rests on. As the function of the liver is to filter the blood, even the smallest opening in it can cause extreme internal blood loss.

Pressure Point #7: The Hyoid Bone

The hyoid bone is a small bone shaped like a U located between the mandible and the larynx. It it is struck with enough force, the result is instant death. Breaking the hyoid bone severs the vagus nerve causing the heart and lungs to stop working. Striking the hyoid pressure points without great force will temporarily immobilize a person due to a lack of oxygen.

*The below information is VERY DANGEROUS & EVEN FATAL, it is only for information only and not to be used or applied to anyone.  DO NOT use these techniques!

3 Situations & Best Pressure Points To Use

Scenario #1: If You Want To Knockout The Other Person
You can strike with a palm-heel or fist on their lower jaw of the mouth.  If you are behind them aim for the bottom of the  head on the bottom hollow part, and you will need to use an upward/inward 45% angle.
Scenario #2: If You Want To Control The Other Person
It is best to use your middle-knuckle behind their ear on the bottom hollow part. Strike horizontally inwards then moving 45% upwards. This will weaken their legs and can also cause them to buckle so if you grab their arm you will have total control of them.
Scenario #3: If You Want To Restrain The Other Person
While you are holding their arm use your knuckles slightly above the elbow joint.  This will render their arm useless for the time that it is applied.  Also you can use a knife-hand and strike 45% downwards into the middle of their arm on the hollow triceps muscle. This will send them to their knees and immobilize the arm.

“Do you know of another effective pressure point. If so, let us know below in the comments to tell us your thoughts on the most lethal pressure point.”

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24 Comments For This Post

  1. Jamie Hayward Says:

    Great artcile. I’m a huge fan of pressure point manipulation, but like you mention it’s often hard to actually use them in a real fight.

    My favourites are the one around the hyoid bone, which you mentioned, and the nerve up the side of the neck just at the jaw line. A good strike or a deep thumb gouge in there will cause a huge amount of pain. I believe that it’s the cardoid vein, which is also used in MMA holds as it cuts the blood off to the brain. I may be wrong though.

  2. Sam lee Says:

    Wow I only knew three of ‘em
    All of ‘em are effective!!!

  3. Iceburg Says:

    Jamie, it’s hard not to use them in a fight, virtually any where you hit will have pressure points in that area. Difficult to use in a sporting “fight” agreed!!

  4. Tony Thacker Says:

    I agree Iceburg..

  5. Iceburg Says:

    Once you know where they are and which one’s are most effective, it would be a waste not to use them. A good entry/deceptive technique to stun and open up your attacker is palm strike (with your less powerful hand so your best one can follow up) because you can target the jaw or nose and the fingers can be used to gouge or cover the eyes which also gives you time to target weak areas/ pressure points with the following hand. Try this carefully with a partner, so you both get to feel it’s effect. Person using it only needs to do it very gently for you to know how this would feel full power. This can be used in many situations: A follow up to the ‘fence’ (thanks Geoff), if someone has you pinned back against a wall or grabbed you (to be honest this shouldn’t happen) or if they’re coming towards you to attack, this strike is very versatile and effective.

  6. Tony Thacker Says:

    Outstanding advise Iceburg! I absolutely agree with your plam strike with the off hand that is an excellent way to setup your opponent. Thanks!

  7. Iceburg Says:

    Thanks Tony. Got any good one’s to share?

  8. Momoe Says:

    I find another great pressure point to use is the back of the knee. This works especially well if you are behind the person. If you drive your fingertips or knuckles, or even toes, into the nerves directly behind the knee horizontally, the knee will buckle and be useless for the time that the pressure is applied. This is a great stalling technique or you can also use it to take control of the person.

  9. seth Says:

    thanks. there is a spot rite below the sternum or chest boon that is hite with a quick and sharp strick it caus the target to loose their breth for about 30 to 50 secs. this is a sometimes hard target to hit but is extreamly painfull.

  10. Uchiha Irene Says:

    Well… I have heard of one spot that can knock you out. It is located on your neck, right side under the skull. Well, you’d really just hit the spine so i guess it will work :)

  11. sean smith Says:

    bracial plexis strike is great as a stunning technique, a forearm or a backhand strike to the area between the shoulder and the ear.

  12. Tony Thacker Says:

    Sean, thanks are you training the these techniques or have you just read about this technique?

  13. Street Fighter Says:

    This is an AWESOME site! It would be better if the pictures were a bit larger, and, or, there were pictures NEXT to each pressure point noted.

  14. Tony Thacker Says:

    Thanks Street Fighter!
    I like your tip about the image for pressure points. I will pass that on to our design team and have them implement your tip into the design!

    Thanks again for the comment

  15. Raven Says:

    Also right between the neck and shoulder (collar bone basically) If you hammer fist down hard enough it will immobilize that arm. Its a good set up strike.

  16. Tony Thacker Says:

    Hi Raven, yes you have it right on. This is a good strike point for setting up.


  17. Lynn Jones Says:

    You guys do know that “lethal” means “deadly”, right? Not “hurts a lot” or makes you bleed” or even “breaks bones”. Sure, hit any of these places hard enough and you’ll hurt them, and if they don’t get medical care they might die. But uber-magical one-strike miracle strikes? Not so much.

  18. Greg Says:

    Bracial plexis is one of the best and easiest pressure points which several explained above. Most blocks, and arm manuvers, make the head turn to where you can easily strike. One spot on the face that is very effective (that is not really considered a pressure point) is the soft part between the jaw (some consider it to be the rubber band area) if you are in a situation where you can take your middle finer knuckle push and twist in that area holding the face with the other hand will take someone down in a heart beat.

  19. Keith Whitmore Says:

    When I was in Nam, the Korean karate instructer taught us the seven (7) points in the human body where one (1) blow will kill. It was drilled into our heads over & over again until we no longer needed his instruction on where to strike this blow. After we were proficent enough to do this. We made sure that we never landed the blow on our fellow friends in that class.
    The seven (7) points? Both, temples, both kidneys, the 5th &6th cevicle vertabrates & the solar plexis.
    Now there are more points where 2 blows will kill & a few strikes that will disfigure. These were taught to us as well.

  20. Tony Hackerott Says:

    Hi Keith, thanks for the great comment on the lesson you learned. Like you mentioned about never landing a blow to your fellow classmates it is important to be careful when practicing these techniques.

  21. Cailean Says:

    I like to call it the muscle squeeze this is where you squeeze the attackers arm muscle and another one is the back of the neck if you squeeze this hard you will have controll another one in the elbo gap if you put your fingers in the gap and push it will send a signal up your arm of shock and it makes your arm stiff and it does heart if pointed in the right place and other is a muscle in between the thumb and the finger squeezing this really hurts and on the neck push in that and it really hurts and at the back of the knee if you push in ther in causes the same shock as the elbow

  22. David Kirk Says:

    my dad said about quite a few, like a few in this article but i will state the ones i know:

    The Temple: if you claw your finger next to your thump on your main strongest hand or strongest finger of this category and strike with a sharp force you can cause a fatal shock to the brain apparently.

    The nose: if your strike the bottom bone in the nose upwards using your palm of your hand you can cause the pointy part of the nose bone to dislodge and pierce the brain

    Just Under the jaw bone: If you get your thump and apply pressure with the end of the thumb into this area you will eventually feel a considerable amount of discomfort.

    the air-waves pipe: If you either use your index finger with your thumb too wrap around the neck with the thumb on the front of the neck on the air-wave pipe and the index finger half way between the back and the side of the neck and apply pressure you can, if apply’ed enough pressure, cause the muscle to swell and cause suffocation.

    There’s a pressure point in the alcove in the bottom of your neck and the collar bone that if you apply enough pressure you can cause fainting

    breaking blood vessels: If you strike the grove in the bottom of the neck with both hands in a/n chop/axe motion you can either hit the pressure point or if struck hard and precise enough you can cause the blood vessels and artery’s too burst causing internal bleeding under the skin

    Armpit: if you use your thumb and press with the tip hard into the cave of your armpit you will feel great discomfort, or if your in a fight and you strike the same spot you will cause without fail for the attacker or defender too back down for a few seconds allowing for you to make a get away or an advance

    The grove in between you pubis and thigh: using your thumb again press into this point hard, if you find the right spot it with hurt

    under the leg: if you feel behind your knee on the back of the leg, push nto that point with your middles finger with the thumb on your knee for more grip and support it will cause a slight pain at first but the pain will increase, there will also be a large jolt of pain on the release as well

    the ankle: if you use your thumb and middle finger to claw grip the tendant and apply pressure it will hurt

    the bottom of the foot: (you will need two people to test this one out) if you grab the bottom of your helpers foot with both hands in a C shape and the thumb loose use the thumbs to apply pressure into the middle of the foot, there’s a softer muscle there that if you apply enough pressure it will be very uncomfortable and they will have allot of pain

  23. Alex Says:

    I know of another pressure point located in the big gap towards the bottom of your ribs, with enough pressure and speed you can cause a slight pain bit the person struck by the point will soon feel as if he or she broke abrib and will have shallow breathing, I do not reccomend doing this to be funny. I don’t know how well this one works but there is one located on your side directly above your hip and with enough force and speed you will trigger the brains sense of humor and the person will have uncontollable laughter sonif you combine this pressure point and the above one it can be highly deadly.

  24. Tony Hackerott Says:

    Thanks for the great tip Alex!

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