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UFC 127 Preview: Jorge Rivera vs. Michael Bisping

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UFC 127 Preview:

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I did a fight preview for this card earlier UFC 127 this week, but the Michael Bisping vs. Jorge Rivera fight has gotten my interest in a big way.  Rivera called out Bisping the night he was supposed to face Alessio Sakara, only to have Sakara pull out just hours before the card.  In a video with, Rivera said, “I really want this next fight man.  I not only want the fight, I want to f*** him up.”

That was the beginning of this back and forth action before the fight that rivals only Chael Sonnen vs. Anderson Silva in shock value.  The Rashad Evans vs. Quinton Jackson buildup doesn’t even compare to this.

In various YouTube videos his camp released, Rivera, the usually soft-spoken guy calls his opponent on Saturday a “Professional Decision Winner…Matt Hamill won, Chris Leben won.” (I disagree with that)  He went on to say, “80% of koala bears in Australia right now have chlamydia.”  This was a shot against Bisping’s girlfriend, who is Australian.

Usually in Michael Bisping fights, he’s the one talking trash, but now he’s the guy saying this type of behavior cheapens the sport.  Really Bisping? Really?

Bisping has been really bothered by the videos.  In an apology video posted by Rivera’s camp, it says that they didn’t know how mad this was making Bisping until he requested the man playing him in the video, who is Rivera’s boxing coach, to attend the weigh-ins.

Fight fans have never seen an angry Bisping in the Octagon, we’ll have to watch to see how this all plays out for Rivera.  Will Bisping’s anger make him come after him more, or will it be a distraction.  Find out tonight in UFC 127 at 10 p.m. on pay per view.

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