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What I thought while watching UFC on Versus 3

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Watching UFC on Versus 3

UFC Thoughts on Versus 3 – 03-03 (March 3, 2011)…


Diego Sanchez

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  • The first thing I learned when watching UFC is Brian Bowles is for real.  A lot of people, including myself questioned his toughness after his title loss to Dominick Cruz.  He showed by making Damacio Page that he is still a contender in the bantamweight division.
  • I also learned that the referees in Kentucky are horrible.  If I can see a fighter knocked out during a choke at least two second before you, you shouldn’t be a ref.  How does the referee not stop the fight at the end of the Igor Pokrajac vs. Todd Brown fight on his own?  Brown is on his face getting rocked, and he’s not making moves towards stopping the onslaught.
  • Alessio Sakara has some of the coolest tattoos in the UFC.  Props to Sakara for wiping his blood on the referee’s shirt too
  • I don’t often doubt Mario Yamasaki, but that call in the CB Dollaway vs. Mark Munoz fight could have gone either way.  I don’t know what Dana White thinks, but I’d like to see them battle again.
  • I never thought that Shane Roller was going to beat Thiago Tavares.  Then he knocks him out from nowhere, good job kid.
  • Any dude that comes out to La Bamba is not a guy I want to mess with.
  • Diego Sanchez looks a little out of shape during introductions.  He looks weak in the early goings of the first round.  I thought Greg Jackson would have him better prepared for this fight.  They might have under estimated Martin Kampmann’s abilities.  If Kampmann keeps standing with him, he’s going to get knocked out.
  • Tough to call, Kampmann took the first, Sanchez took the second and the third is a toss-up.  I’ll have no problem with any decision here (as long as there aren’t any 30 – 27 calls). 29 – 28 for Sanchez… His face looks worse than Josh Koschek, but he got the UFC win.

Let me know what you thought about the UFC in the comments below.

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