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Footwork Training

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As a developing fighter, you may find yourself spending numerous hours developing your power, technique, and other aspects of your fighting style. During this training, you must be certain not to leave out one important aspect. Footwork is a very vital part of how well you will do when you compete in mixed martial arts. Current UFC Lightweight Champion Frankie Edgar, stands as a great example of how footwork can make your career. Be sure to incorporate these training tips into your routine.

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Dedicate ample time of your training to footwork drills. Such activities as jumping rope and ladder drills can help you become accustomed to moving your feet quickly in various directions. Fighters can spend anywhere from 15 to 20 minutes daily working solely on their movement.

As you practice said movement, change up the current mentality to incorporate different situations. For example, move as if you are under pressure and your opponent is pushing forward. Also, learn how to move forward while striking so you will know the proper placement of your feet to maintain balance. Simulate rounds of moving back and forth, left and right while in different situations.

Study the movement practices of your favorite and successful fighters. Strikers such as Anderson Silva or powerful wrestlers like Georges St. Pierre all have great footwork and it shows during their bouts. Watch how they approach and move away from their opponent and emulate their movements to the best of your abilities. Know that it never comes overnight, but you must continue to watch the best do what they do to become one of the best yourself.

Also practice head movement while you train your footwork. You never want to find yourself standing straight up for your opponent to pick shots at your head. Instead, learn how to move your head in and out so it’s a hard target to hit. This will also help you learn how to throw punches from different angles during your fight.

Footwork is an important part of any fighter’s repertoire and you must treat it as so. Be sure to spend a specific amount of time working on your movement each day so you can learn how to attack on the go and get away from your opponent when things get tough.

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