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Medicine Ball MMA Training Tips

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When training to compete in any combat sports like football, wrestling, MMA and traditional martial arts; competitors are always looking for the next big thing that will help them get over the mma traininghump and gain an advantage on all their opponents. Often times we look for new equipment or training techniques to develop that advantage. In doing so we can overlook the simple things that can help us develop the endurance and power needed to be successful. This week I will look at medicine ball and MMA training which is simple yet very effective for any fighter.

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Medicine ball training is highly effective for a number of reasons. To begin, medicine balls are generally cheap from any sporting goods store location. Along with that, they are very portable and travel easily as you continue your training. Also, the movements that you employ while working with the ball can help you avoid injury while building your cardiovascular and muscle strength.

MMA Training Exercise

This three exercise MMA training program is built to help strengthen your core while developing explosive strength; both of which are highly important no matter if you train to compete or for simple enjoyment. Complete these exercises two to three times a week; preferably on a day when you do not lift heavy weights.

MMA Training Exercise #1: Overhead Throw

Begin with standing in a wide stance, with the medicine ball lowered in-between your legs; near your knees. Explode from your stance to throw the ball over your head as hard as you can. Push through your legs so you jump into the air while doing so. Grab the rebound and continue without allowing for much time in-between each throw. Complete 3 sets of 10 to 15 reps.

MMA Training Exercise #2: Slam

Hold the medicine ball overhead with your arms extended. Using your whole body, slam the ball downward directly in front of you. Try not to bend exclusively at your back, instead use your whole body to throw the ball down. Catch the ball as it bounces back up and continue into your next rep. Complete 15-20 reps of this exercise.

MMA Training Exercise #3: Twisting Throw

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Valeo Medicine Ball At Amazon

Hold the ball behind your waist, twisting slightly to your right or left side. Lead with the opposite foot in front of the other. Twist back towards the lead foot and throw the ball forward; using both hands. Be sure to use your whole body in the twisting motion. Grab the rebound and complete another rep using the other leg as the lead. Complete 20 reps of this exercise while being sure to alternate on each leg.

Be sure to use a medicine ball that fits your strength abilities; begin with at least 10 pounds. These three exercises will help you become a tough competitor in any sport that you enjoy. Mixed martial artists will especially reap its benefits when they feel the power of their strikes and movement because of the added strength to their core.  So, start using the medicine ball in your next MMA training session and start to see the results.

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