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Embrace the Push Up

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A long time staple in any workout plan; the pushup is an exercise that every individual should employ on a daily basis. This exercise can help you make significant strides in developing your upper body. The pushup attacks the muscles in your arms, chest, and shoulders. You can also use variations of the exercise to work other areas of your body.

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The pushup looks very basic in practice, however many individuals miss key information when completing the exercise. To begin, place your hands shoulder width apart and your feet straight back, legs extended. Your head should be looking in up, eyes straight ahead. Push your body away from the ground, fully extending your arms. Slowly, lower yourself back down to the ground and repeat the process. This is the proper way to complete the standard pushup.

To ensure that you are receiving the most out of the exercise, check your form for any mistakes that you may be making. For proper form when completing the push up keep your back flat and your abdominal muscles contracted. The bend of your elbows should always face forward as you complete the exercise.

As I stated, the push up has a number of variations that can help you continue developing strength and size. For example, positioning your feet on a weight bench or chair will force you to have to carry more of your weight towards the front area of your chest. You can increase the difficulty by doing upside-down pushups with the assistance of a spotter or a wall.

No matter the style of push up that you use, it’s very important to work to develop the perfect form. The push up is a great exercise to build your overall strength and develop strong muscles throughout your upper body. Using it wisely in your workout will help turn you into a stronger, more explosive fighter.

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  1. Heather Says:

    Good article, as long as I can still do my girl push-ups and work up to regular ones I’m a happy camper!

  2. Tony Thacker Says:

    Hi Heather, Absolutely you can work up to the regular ones. Thank you very much for the comment we are trying to get more comments on the blog. So, please come back and comment more! Maybe we can publish a post about your site sometime.

  3. Prime Says:

    Good day maam/sir. Which is better? Push up with elbows in or elbows out?

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