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Scheduling Your Training

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With seven days in the week, mixed martial artists have the potential to train very often. To do so, they must create a solid schedule that allows them to hit all the aspects of the game, while dealing with other business issues that arise for professional fighters. How would you go about doing so?

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First, establish what are your priorites. Where do you need the most work? If your standup game is lacking and you are fighting an opponent who is planning on keeping the fight on the feet, then you must be ready for that strategy. If you are dealing with a grappling specialist, then you must apply the same thought process to that area of your abilities. Play to your strengths while developing your weaknesses so they are not glaring holes during a fight.

Next, coordinate your training so you are giving yourself ample time to rest and recover between training sessions. You do not want to go into a session already tired and banged up from prior workouts. This will do nothing but take away from your overall preparation. Ensuring that you sleep for eight hours each night and replenishing your body with liquids and food will help you stay at your best as the training sessions become longer and more intense.

Finally, when building your day to day workout plan, give each program an effective time slot. For example, begin your day with sparring in the various areas needed. In the morning you will be more alert and ready for that training session. Use midday work on your strength and conditioning aspect of your training. This way you can pace yourself while working out to avoid excessive stress and exhaustion. To end the day, you can work on low impact cardiovascular exercising such as swimming or bike riding. These exercises will allow you to build the cardiovascular endurance needed to complete your fight. Plus this is a way to wind down your day as the evening draws closer.

Full time training is a job just like many others professions. You must plan out your day to be as effective with every moment of time. The saying “I will do the most productive thing possible at this time,” relates very well to the training plan of a mixed martial artist. Plan your day step by step to ensure that you are 100 percent ready when you step in the cage.

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