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Strength versus Power

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As you develop as a mixed martial artist your goals should include increasing your athletic ability in a number of ways. For example, you can use various exercises to increase your overall endurance and stretching programs to increase your flexibility. It is important that you work to develop all areas of your body to become the most complete athlete that you can be.

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Many individuals do not know the difference between strength and power. Strength is your muscles ability to move the large amounts of weight during the lifts. Power is the combination of that strength and the speed at which your body is able to complete the motions. When training you must work in a series of exercises that will help you balance the development of strength and speed. Without it, you will be hampering your physical growth as a fighter.

The following circuit will help you develop your strength and power at the same time. Complete these exercises one after another without any rest in-between. Then go through another round of exercises and complete a total of three to five sets. You should do eight to ten repetitions of each exercise.

Strength and Power exercises:

Jump Squats
Power Clean

Add this to your workout three days a week and you will see an improvement in your overall strength and power. During your training and competition, this increase will help you overpower your opponent when needed. When coupled with improved muscular endurance you will be much closer to becoming the complete fighter of your desires.

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