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The Anatomy of a Number One MMA Fighter

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The Perfect MMA Fighter

The ownership of a title is the goal of every MMA Fighter when they step into the cage. Competing for the love of the sport is one thing, but everyone wants to be on the top; to be known as the best. To reach that goal, each fighter must travel a path to the top. The fight to reach the number one contender’s slot is often as hard as winning the championship.

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“I feel that every title contender should have to take a similar path before being considered the man or woman to challenge for the title. Without some sort of standard, promotions can find themselves in a place of trouble when they have multiple individuals who can claim to be the top contender for the title.”

To begin, number one contenders should be on a consistent winning streak. Fighters that have won at least three to four fights in a row, while staying active over the last year of competition should be considered for title shots. Examples of such individuals include the UFC’s Jim Miller. Miller has quietly racked up six wins in a row since his last defeat in 2009 by Gray Maynard; who is the current number one contender to Frankie Edgar’s lightweight title. His win streak is a strong example of a fighter who has pushed himself towards the top contender’s slot.

A Fighter Needs To Be Stunning and Exciting

What also matters is how these fighters finish their fights. Mainstream Mixed Martial Arts fans are looking for finishes, whether it is by knockout or submission. That is why some people rumble against combatants such as Georges St. Pierre who consistently win, but do so by decision. A fighter that can give fans a stunning and exciting finish is something that will always keep them coming back for more. This contender needs to be able to peak the fans excitement in such a way before they have earned their shot at the title.

The Ultimate MMA Prizefighter

This fighter must also be an individual who can sell seats and Pay per View buys. Josh Koscheck did a great job of selling himself as the antithesis to Georges St. Pierre for their title matchup at UFC 124. That ability is a role that someone must play to build up a fight. Chael Sonnen did the same thing when he fought Anderson Silva in August of 2010. Even though both challengers lost their fights, they established themselves with a place in every fight fans heart. Love them or hate them, the ability to play the bad guy and sell a fight is a pivotal ability for a number one contender.

Becoming a prize fighter is a career that many individuals dream about. Earning the biggest prize available is a goal that pushes a number of people through training each day. A number one MMA Fighter should be built up in the right way with a specific set of characteristics expected.

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