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The Importance of Discipline: Part 1

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When you have set any type of goal for yourself certain characteristics must become part of your routine in order to reach that goal. Discipline is one of the cornerstones that are needed to help you reach any aspiration that you may have. Without it, you may find that you will become easily swayed and discouraged from reaching whatever it may be that you have in mind.

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Discipline plays an important role in the development of your abilities and attitude as a martial artist. Without discipline, you will find yourself stifled in your training and unable to progress as you believe that you should. Discipline can be broken down into the ideal of how well do you control yourself? Whenever you lack discipline or self control, negative results often follow.

For example, it’s 7am on a Saturday morning and you are supposed to get out of bed for your first session of training. You had a long, tough workout on Friday and your body is still feeling the effects. Your options are either stay in the nice warm bed for a few more hours or get up and push yourself through another, much needed training session. Discipline is what will get you out of that bed and into the gym when you need it the most, but want to do it the least. The ability to do when you don’t want to is what separates the real athletes from those who just wish they would be successful.

Lacking in discipline will have a ripple effect on your training. Missing out on one session may seem like a minor detail at first. But what happens if you miss an important technique that plays a big part during your next competition? The ripple effect will be that since you missed that one training session, you lose during your next competition because you didn’t know what to do when you found yourself in that position. Imagine how a lack of discipline can wreck the goals that you have created.

This week I will focus on the importance of discipline and how that relates to your training as a mixed martial artist. To get where you are going, you must have the drive to continue pushing when things become hard or seem impossible. How disciplined you are when things are easy will determine just how far you can make it when things become hard.

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