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Developing Discipline: Set Your Goals

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This week’s motivational focus is centered on the importance of discipline. The ability to have self control will affect you greatly throughout life, not just your training. However, when you are an athlete that has specific desires in mind the practice of self control will help you reach the mountain top.

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On Sunday we looked at exactly why discipline is important for your life. It helps you stay on track for something great and keeps you pushing forward when you have the desire to quit. Today, I’m going to look at how you can help build the discipline you need because everyone is not born with the ability. Two steps can be a great boost to your ability to act as a highly disciplined athlete which will lead to success down the road.

First Step: To Developing Discipline

The first thing that you want to do is set goals for yourself. Be very specific and create a manageable time frame for each. For example, if you want to be able to last three rounds of sparring in two months, write that down. Now revisit your goals daily to remind yourself exactly what you are trying to reach. When you see what your goals are, this will help you practice in a way to obtain them. Since your goal is to develop the cardiovascular endurance needed to last three rounds you should adapt your training for more stamina work such as running and swimming. Writing down your goals makes each one more tangible and alive. Also, be sure to keep them in a place that is close so you are reminded every day of what you need to do.

Second Step: To Developing Discipline

The second step is a two part phase: start and finish. Sounds simple enough, but this may be the most difficult portion of developing discipline. Look at the goals that you have written down and attack. Start with the “easier” goals first and then move on to the harder situations. The sense of accomplishment when you can check one of them off of your list will give you the encouragement to continue on to the next. As goals begin to be completed, you can replace them with more, loftier goals.

Discipline is the most important attribute that any athlete must develop during their career. How well you do so can help determine if you have the ability to push through and win that final match or if you will wilt under pressure. Use these tips to further the development of your own self control which will help you throughout your training.

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