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Regaining your Discipline

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This week we have focused on the aspect of discipline and how it affects you as a martial artist. Today, I will look at how to regain the fire when it escapes you, as it will from time to time. Regaining the mental determination to continue pushing forward is very important to helping you reach your goals.

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The first thing that you must do is regain your mental determination. Getting yourself together mentally is important because that “mental toughness” factor is what will continue to push you through the hard moments. Look over the factors that have caused you to decide to change your training regimen or make you want to elevate your training. Thinking about those circumstances can help reignite the fire that caused you to start the metamorphosis in the first place.

Next, you may want to consider changing your training schedule. Doing the same thing over and over can cause boredom to take root in your physique. To avoid that from happening, change up your training schedule from time to time. Add in new workouts; go swimming instead of running, anything that will add a new spark to your training program.

Another way to help you fight out the lost of dedication to your goals is to find a new training partner. Teammates and training partners who push you throughout each workout are very important when it comes to meeting your goals. If you find that those you are working with are slacking off at the same time, it may be best to bring in some new training partners. The friendly competition will help keep you driven as you challenge each other to be better than you were the day before.

These are just a few ways in which you can help boost your training discipline if you ever feel that things are beginning to wane. Regaining the fire that is driving you to become the best fighter that you can possibly be is very important because once it is gone, it becomes incredibly hard to reignite that flame.

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  1. Lori (West Coast Jiu-jitsu/Martial Arts) Says:

    Great tips for regaining the fire for training in the martial arts! It happens all too often that people lose their drive to train. Martial arts instructors need to help too by varying routines and taking an interest in what is going on inside the heads of their students. Thanks for sharing! :)

  2. Edmond Brodess Says:

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