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The Most Successful Fighters Post-Ultimate Fighter

Posted on 12 March 2011 by Hobson Lopes

With the 13th season of The Ultimate Fighter just weeks away, I got to thinking who has had the most successful UFC career since the show.  Three of the fighters have won UFC titles, but none have successfully defended them.  Some of the fighters on the show fought in the UFC prior to their time on TUF.  These rankings only reflect post-TUF statistics.

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Strength versus Power

Posted on 12 March 2011 by Raphael Garcia

As you develop as a mixed martial artist your goals should include increasing your athletic ability in a number of ways. For example, you can use various exercises to increase your overall endurance and stretching programs to increase your flexibility. It is important that you work to develop all areas of your body to become the most complete athlete that you can be.

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Tips for Supplementation

Posted on 11 March 2011 by Raphael Garcia

Throughout the years, athletics have continued to become more and more competitive. Each day, athletes look for new ways to gain an advantage over their challengers and place themselves in a position to win. One of the ways people look to develop faster is with the use of supplementation.

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Scheduling Your Training

Posted on 09 March 2011 by Raphael Garcia

With seven days in the week, mixed martial artists have the potential to train very often. To do so, they must create a solid schedule that allows them to hit all the aspects of the game, while dealing with other business issues that arise for professional fighters. How would you go about doing so?

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Embrace the Push Up

Posted on 08 March 2011 by Raphael Garcia

A long time staple in any workout plan; the pushup is an exercise that every individual should employ on a daily basis. This exercise can help you make significant strides in developing your upper body. The pushup attacks the muscles in your arms, chest, and shoulders. You can also use variations of the exercise to work other areas of your body.

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Footwork Training

Posted on 06 March 2011 by Raphael Garcia

As a developing fighter, you may find yourself spending numerous hours developing your power, technique, and other aspects of your fighting style. During this training, you must be certain not to leave out one important aspect. Footwork is a very vital part of how well you will do when you compete in mixed martial arts. Current UFC Lightweight Champion Frankie Edgar, stands as a great example of how footwork can make your career. Be sure to incorporate these training tips into your routine.

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Medicine Ball MMA Training Tips

Posted on 06 March 2011 by Raphael Garcia

When training to compete in any combat sports like football, wrestling, MMA and traditional martial arts; competitors are always looking for the next big thing that will help them get over the mma traininghump and gain an advantage on all their opponents. Often times we look for new equipment or training techniques to develop that advantage. In doing so we can overlook the simple things that can help us develop the endurance and power needed to be successful. This week I will look at medicine ball and MMA training which is simple yet very effective for any fighter.

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What I thought while watching UFC on Versus 3

Posted on 03 March 2011 by Hobson Lopes

Watching UFC on Versus 3

UFC Thoughts on Versus 3 – 03-03 (March 3, 2011)…


Diego Sanchez

  • The first thing I learned when watching UFC is Brian Bowles is for real.  A lot of people, including myself questioned his toughness after his title loss to Dominick Cruz.  He showed by making Damacio Page that he is still a contender in the bantamweight division.

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Nominate Your Favorite Martial Arts Websites!

Posted on 01 March 2011 by Tony Hackerott

We Are Looking For High Quality Martial Arts Websites!

We are rolling out a new program we need your help with.  It is to reward those great martial arts sites that deliver great content on the topic of martial arts.  Whether they focus on Mixed Martial Arts, Traditional Martial Arts, or Self Defense as long as it is related to martial arts and they deliver quality content and add value to the martial arts community then please nominate them here:

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