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Losing Part 2: The Foundation

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Ok, so you have lost your competition. The embarrassment and disappointment have set in and you are having a hard time getting over the defeat. You must stop these emotions in their track before they begin to hamper your growth as a competitor. A lost on your record isn’t something that you should avoid when it happens. Go straight through it and use it as the foundation as you rebuild. That is the focus of today’s MMA training piece.

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You must rebuild when you have suffered a defeat of any kind. Visualize it as the destruction of whatever you have build and now you must start over from stage one. Take the time to review everything that you can and find exactly where you can improve and what you did wrong.

Visualization tactics can help you overcome the stigma of the defeat. For example, UFC Welterweight Champion Georges St. Pierre threw a brick with Matt Serra’s name on it into a river to symbolize him getting over the TKO loss. Some people may hang pictures of the defeat near mirrors for motivation whenever they get up. No matter your method, many different types of mental exercises are available that will help you get over the sting of a loss.

Review the game tape. Every professional athlete has logs and logs of their performances for them to view and show. Take the time to analyze your defeat and see what you did wrong. Where you not aggressive enough? Did you move in the wrong direction or miss an opportunity to land combinations? Take notes on the positives and negatives that you see throughout your game. You now have a list of things that you can begin to work on during your next training session. Even better, review the tape with your training team; together you may be able to pick up on more than you will alone.

Reach out to experts. If you believe that a lack of wrestling abilities caused you to win the last competition, then you must reach out to people who can help you build that skill set. If you have connections to local wrestling teams or coaches, now is the time to take advantage of them. While some of these experts will cost money for their time; their knowledge will be invaluable to the development of your abilities as a fighter.

Everyone is going to find out what it feels like to lose at some point in their career. The way that they overcome this issue is what is important for their development as a fighter. When you do lose, take it as a learning point and the beginning of a great creation.

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