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MMA: The Black Hole

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The allure of mixed martial arts is growing throughout the world. Former athletes from various spectrums of sports are considering taking up the four ounce gloves and try their hand at MMA. As with any sport that is played on the professional level, athletes must weigh the risks of taking up such a challenge. MMA is not without its own.

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Recently, I have heard that creating a career as a mixed martial artist can be related to that of a black hole. Whatever you are willing to sacrifice and put into the thought of becoming a mixed martial artist can be quickly sucked away from you. Just like anything that was to travel to close to the space anomaly. If you are looking to take steps towards that goal, you must ask yourself a variety of questions to begin planning.

Can you afford it? Looking at the big names in MMA you may think that those individuals are well paid. However, I believe that is not the truth, especially when their salaries are compared to other professional athletes. The top fighters; champions such as Georges St. Pierre and Anderson Silva can earn anywhere within the six figure pay range each time they fight. That is the exception to the rule. Review the pay figures that are released by state commissions after each contest and to see that fighters can make 5-8 thousand each time they compete. Yes, this doesn’t include sponsorship deals, but even those contracts are few and far between.

On top of that, fighters spend a lot of money to perfect their craft. Factors such as traveling to other gyms, paying various trainers, and supplements all add up in cost very quickly. It’s even tougher when you are not making enough money in winnings to cover all those costs. Before you begin establish the financial background to push you towards your goal.

Do you have the time to commit? As I’ve stated, becoming a professional mixed martial artist costs in a number of different ways. Many times, beginning fighters must work along with train. You must be certain that you have the time to commit to the different levels of training. Without it, you will not be ready to compete at any level; let alone the highest. It’s imperative that you make provisions not only with your finances, but your time as well before you step into the realm of mixed martial arts.

The dream of becoming a mixed martial artist is attainable if you can deal with the sacrifices. Many individuals may believe they can, but are quickly discouraged when they find out the price they are asked to pay. Before you begin down a rugged road, take the time to decide if you can take the emotional, physical, and financial toll. If you can, then dive in head first because you will be required to give your all.

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