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Sword Techniques – From Romans to Ninja!

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Ninja Swords Throughout the centuries, there are hundreds of sword fighting techniques and katas that have been practiced and established. Nowadays, there are variety of sword kata’s that are comprised of bladed weapons like katana – ninja swords, saber, knife and samurai swords. Training with swords can certainly help you improve your physical and emotional discipline. Besides, there are several sword training routines which can help you increase your concentration and mental abilities. Sword fighting methods are classified into two, the single handed and double handed.

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Single Handed Swords

Obviously, these techniques are operated using single hand. One of the most popular and common single handed sword in the history is the Gladius. This weapon is usually used by the Romans during the ancient wars. Gladius is a historical weapon which is first adopted by the Romans and later adopted by almost all of the Europeans. An example to this is the swords of the Greek empires, which are the prototypes of the Romanian swords or Gladius. Most of the Greek swords are short and very sharp to easily support their offensive and defensive tactics. Evidences have proved that mostly Greek swords are single edged blades.

Two Handed Swords

SwordsAs history advances into the Middle Ages, lots of advanced weapons has been created to increase the effectiveness of the attacks. One of these advanced weapons is the Two handed or double handed swords. Black smiths around the world have created new designs and analyzed more advance geometry to be able to create a more effective kind of swords. These swords have multipurpose capabilities. Usually, the user of these swords doesn’t need to use a shield anymore since the sword itself has the capabilities to support your offensive and defensive tactics. Today, these swords are very popular such as the katana from Japan, long-sword from the English, claymore from Scotland and the Chinese sword which is called as Wodao.

Today, there are number of association that aims to reconstruct and revive the traditional sword fighting techniques. However, there are still countries which are continuing the traditional sword fighting techniques until these days. One of these countries is the China. In China kung fu martial artist includes the usage of swords in their martial art skills. If fact, there are traditional ceremonies which requires the tactics of the swords as part of the routine.


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