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Don’t Underrate the Gi Choke in Jiu Jitsu

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Due to the incredible success Brazilian Jiu Jitsu has had in the ring and octagon in big MMA and UFC events it popularity has BJJ Techiquesjust sky rocketed. However, many people don’t understand that although MMA is real fighting there are a lot of moves and types of techniques that are banned or illegal which can’t be brought into the ring or octagon and even though these moves can’t be used in a sanctioned MMA even they are still worth practicing and working on as a self defense.

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One such instance is actually the use of the Jiu Jitsu Gi in general, along with BJJ Gi chokes in particular. A lot of people believe the fact that no-gi grappling is just “even more effective” simply because folks don’t wear gi’s in everyday life, and MMA fighters don’t wear them in the octagon. So, they believe since the real world doesn’t have gi’s then no-gi grappling must be more effective and this can’t be further from the truth. Although we don’t wear a gi in normal everyday situations people do were lose shirts, jackets, vests, etc.

Odds are that when you get into a situation on the street where you need to use self defense you will be wearing clothes, right?

News alert: The collar chokes that you learn in Judo, BJJ, or any other style off Jiu jitsu work with almost any type of shirt or upper body clothing items such as a coat. With the exception of a tight tank top any shirt you would normally wear will perfectly take the place of your gi in any of the collar chokes.

So, please take away these 3 things from this Jiu Jitsu gi or no-gi post:

  1. Gi type chokes work with any type of normal shirt you wear on a daily basis (unless you are a bodybuilder!)
  2. Gi chokes are extremely effective in numerous self defense situations.
  3. The average person has no idea what to look for or protect against when it comes to a gi choke. So, this will mean that you will likely have no problem getting this hold on someone who isn’t versed in Jiujitsu!

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