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5 Tips to Supercharge Your MMA Workouts!

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The current explosion of MMA has motivated many people to consider their newly found curiosity and take it one stage further. Increasing numbers of people are signing themselves up to learn the fighting techniques of MMA and the MMA gyms can’t pop up fast enough for the demand that is there.

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Nearly all these MMA gyms offer classes in Boxing, Kick Boxing, Taekwondo, Brazilian Jiu Jitsu and Submission Wrestling (among other martial art disciplines). A lot (not every) of those gyms neglect the sport-specific strength and conditioning classes – so afterwards you need to make sure you cover this area on your own.

Below we have given you 5 important elements that you need to consider when you are creating your MMA workout routines.

MMA Workout Tip #1 – Train Your Core!

There’s much more to core training than simply sit-ups and back extensions. The energy of the punches, kicks, and throws are based upon the rotary strength of the core. The core region is really your strength center as well as your MMA workout routines ought to be full of core strengthening exercises.

The muscles from the body function together like a kinetic chain and you’re only as strong as the poorest link. Because the core is involved with virtually every MMA-related movement you need to do, weakness will completely mess up your game.

MMA Workout Tip #2 – Remember To Stretch

With an increased versatility comes a need for increased flexibility the be the ultimate fighter, what do I mean?   If you want to throw Crocop-like head kicks (yes, I know old example) then you have to be flexible! Want to utilize the rubber guard? You must be flexible! Want to resemble a contortionist as you stuff take-downs like B.J Penn? You have to be flexible! Wish to reduce the likelihood of keeping an injuries while you’re training? Obviously you need to do! You have to be flexible!

Versatility is one thing I’m personally attempting to implement into my MMA workout routines right now. Of all the fitness components, versatility may be the easiest to achieve however don’t mistake that for being simple!  You must be persistent and continue working on this even on days you would rather be working on something else.  Regrettably, I haven’t yet gotten the results I’ve been wishing for.

However, it’s like my troubles are solved as today, the very first time, I used to do my stretches within the sauna in the club following my regular MMA workout. The elevated temperature gave me a massive difference and this was able to keep my muscles more warm and thus flexible.  Additionally in regards to the sauna stretching, you are able to sign-up yourself in certain “hot yoga” classes. I’ve heard only positive feedback about them from various Kick Boxing & MMA students. ;)

MMA Workout Tip #3 – Perform Only “Functional” Exercises

If you wish to be considered a fighter, you’ll need to ditch the old bodybuilding workout routines. Your MMA workout routines should contain mainly compound/multi-joint exercises which will carry to your fight performance. When you are going to perform a workout, imagine to yourself – what facet of MMA will his assist me to with? When the exercise doesn’t directly simulate an associated movement – change it with something which does.

For example ..

Ditch the triceps kickbacks and do more close grip presses.

Ditch the preacher curls and do more close grip, supinated grip pullups.

Ditch the lower limb curls and do more straight leg dead-lifts.

Obtain the idea?

Just just in case you do not, here’s the reason..

Close grip presses = rise in the energy of the punches

Supinated grip pullups = rise in your Thai “clinch” strength

Straight leg dead-lifts = rise in the effectiveness of your takedowns/jams

MMA Workout Tip #4 – Vary Your Training Intensity

Fighting is carried out in a high intensity. Your MMA workout must always mimic the requirements of the sport which means you should implement high intensity training. You are able to make this happen through high intensity interval training workouts or “HIIT” for brief. The objective of training in a high intensity would be to improve your ability to tolerate the accumulation of lactic acidity. To have an extended/detailed explanation, click the link. In a nutshell, the accumulation of lactic acidity decreases the contractile strength of the muscles.

With this being stated, you cannot ALWAYS train at an very high intensity. In Thailand, many of the training camps vary the extremes of the runs. They’ll perform a lengthy distance, low intensity run each morning as well as in the mid-day, they’ll either do times or just operate a much shorter distance, in a considerably faster pace. The reduced intensity jogs permit some “active recovery”.

However, based on your MMA training program, you might not have room to implement low intensity runs. Working out demands for any fighter could be pretty demanding so it’s vital that you bear in mind that low intensity training could be anything from missing to light moving.

MMA Workout Tip #5 – Circuit or Interval Training

Circuit training describes carrying out multiple exercises in concession with no relaxation interval in between each set. Based on your exercise selection, circuit training could be a terrific way to perform your HIIT training (as talked about above). When you are focusing on your muscles endurance (high repetitions & very long time under tension), the circuit training format is good since it best imitates the need for your sport.

Whenever your carrying out your “traditional” bodybuilding-style workout routines, your set can last for roughly 40 seconds (based on your repetition ranges) as well as your relaxation interval is going to be around 2 minutes. In MMA, you don’t obtain a 2 minute relaxation after only 40 seconds of fighting. Within an MMA fight, you’re employed hard for five minutes, then get only one minute to recuperate. You need to tailor your MMA workout around these demands.

Circuit training is the easiest method to structure your muscular endurance programs as possible train for five minutes straight (supplying you implement an effective split) before you take your 1 minute to relaxation. Here’s a relevant video by Craig Ballantyne (author of “turbulence training”) that provides you with a concept in regards to what exactly circuit training is.

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