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MMA Shorts Buying Guide

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How to Choose the best MMA Shorts for Mixed Martial Arts Training

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Question: What kind of shorts should I buy for MMA?

Hayabusa Black Kyoudo Fight Shorts
Hayabusa Black Kyoudo Fight Shorts

Answer: Any shorts that have a drawstring, no pockets, and no metal or plastic on the outside are perfectly fine. The drawstring will keep your shorts secure. Pockets are dangerous because somebody’s fingers or toes can get caught in them. And any metal or plastic can cut or hurt your training partner.

Question: Can I just wear any pair of shorts for MMA training?

Answer: MMA Shorts are made with extremely durable fabric and are far better than any normal shorts you can purchase at a  store.  Most MMA shorts have a much more secure drawstring method, quick drying fabric, and even split seams and flex panels.

Question: What is this split seams I see in the MMA shorts description and should my pair have it?

Answer: Split seams are the separation down the leg of your shorts. MMA Shorts are specifically made to allow you to be as mobile as possible in them and this is one of the reasons they are.  They are helpful for striking as they do not restrict you when throwing knees or high kicks. If your shorts in no way hinder you than you do not require split seams. They are usually for folks who have thick thighs.

Questions: What is a grip panel and should I have it in my shorts?

Answer: Grip panels are the latest advancements in MMA fight shorts. You will actually see a rubber section that covers the inner part of your thigh that keeps your opponents limbs from slipping when you have them in a submission.  These grip panels actually do work and are great to have in your MMA training as well as your actual fights.  One thing to keep in mind is that grip panels will not work magically.  You must have the locks and submissions in correctly and tight for them to work.  You won’t slip these on and automatically start tapping opponents out.

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