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MTV Cribs – Creating Your Own Home Martial Arts Dojo

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Most of you have no doubt seen the hit TV show MTV Cribs where the rich and famous show off their homes. So many have indoor basketball courts or movie theaters, OK, so that´s nice, but who has their own fully kitted out dojo? Even if it doesn´t get you on MTV Cribs, having your own dojo at home will certainly be a hit with your friends and family and best of all it means you can get some serious training done at home. Plus next time your friends are bragging about how much better they are than the fighters on the next Saturday night UFC fight, you have the perfect place to duke it out and see who really has the skills.

Martial Arts Dojo

Martial Arts Dojo

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Creating Your Own Martial Arts School or Dojo

So, what do you need to build your own home dojo?

First you have to decide where you are going to put it. If you have a really large extra room or basement that is ideal. Otherwise you may have to resort to converting the garage or even taking over part of the yard.

Then your first challenge is flooring. Wooden floors may look cool in the movies or local martial arts school, but if you are going to be doing any serious training you will want to invest in some good matting. Then of course comes the actual equipment. You will want a heavy bag or one of the big Wavemaster for practicing punches and kicks. If you have room put in at least one multi gym that enables you to do as many exercises as possible for building strength. Mirrors are great for practicing forms and a TV and DVD player is great for playing your favorite martial arts movies for motivation while you are training. Make sure you have at least 2 full sets of sparring gear for challenging any guests that come over and focus mitts and pads are great whether you will be working out with a partner or bringing in a personal coach.

Of course no home dojo would quite be complete without the weapons. It can either be a wall you devote to displaying them or your own secret ninja style cave decked out with every kind of weapon you could ever desire. Best to carefully separate those that are for training like nunchukus, staffs and kama’s from the sharp ones reserved for use on any would be robbers.

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  1. Terrence528 Says:

    Hey thought the article was great even funny at times. I just started taking martial arts. the school i picked is in Lakeland florida and i was wondering what you thought about it. here is a link it has some videos so you can get an idea.

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