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Martial Arts Training – Get Army Fit!

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The US Army as one of the top fighting forces in the world has strict fitness standards not only for passing basic training but also as part of on going testing to ensure a regulated high level of fitness. The US Army’s Physical Fitness Test (also known as the PFT) consists of just three basic exercises; push ups, sit ups and running.

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Running Portion

Hardcore Army Training For MMA

Hardcore Army Training For MMA

The running portion of of the US Army PFT consists of a 2 mile timed run. Army recruits and personnel are graded on a point system that requires different levels of scoring depending on sex and age. The logic here is that if you can compete at the levels required by the US military’s combat troops you should at least be half way to being in the kind of fighting shape you need to be to become a serious UFC contender.

High Level of Fitness

Even though the US Army has to demand a high level of fitness from it’s troops and extremely tough training, it still recognizes the need for new recruits or potential recruits to build up to that level and avoid injury. The Army has dubbed their guidance for this part of training the ‘Walk to Run’ program, where potential recruits can work their way up to being in the required condition. The idea is for you to begin adding jogging and running into your walking gradually and build up strength and conditioning just like in MMA training.

It’s All About Levels

Level one consists of walking for 5 minutes followed by jogging for one minute and repeating for 30 minutes. This increases through level 5 reducing one of the walking minutes and increasing the consecutive jogging in one minute increments. Finally reaching level 6 you should be able to continuously jog/ run for 20 minutes, with walking 5 minutes before and after to warm up and cool down. So if you have wanted to get back into running, then this is a perfect structure for you to put in place.

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