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MMA Gloves & Handwraps

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MMA Gloves

MMA Gloves and handwraps are one of the most critical pieces of gear a fighter has during a fight or training.  Just like boxing gloves MMA gloves have been become a personal expression of the MMA fighter.  Whether the fighter is wearing: UFC Gloves, Combat Sports MMA gloves, Century, or Throwdown to show their allegiance to a brand or camouflage, pink, or flames they are a great way to express the fighter wearing them.  However, there are some technical things you must know when choosing your next pair of gloves so that you can get the best quality for the best price to fit your needs.

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Mixed Martial Arts gloves have little practical application outside of the realm of fighting. If you’re just getting into MMA then there are a few things you need to know about MMA gloves. Hand wraps are essential to specific types of gloves. Much like in boxing you will want to use different gloves to accomplish different training Bad Boy MMA Glovesobjectives. Bag gloves are reminiscent of boxing gloves because of the protection they provide. This is essential for the wrist and to develop good form when working the bag. Some people use the standard MMA gloves, which have separate fingers to help perform any number of wrestling and grappling moves that are commonly seen in the mixed martial arts. If you’re going to try using standard Mixed Martial Art gloves for bag work it is essential that you thoroughly use hand wraps in order to make sure your hands, wrists, and fingers are protected.


Find The Right Size of Wrap!

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Common sizes of MMA hand wraps is the 120″ and 180″. Obviously if you have a smaller hand then you will need a shorter hand wrap.  When the hand wraps become too long they can become cumbersome and become bunched up while in your gloves.  This will make you glove uncomfortable and can cause irritating rubs.  MMA Wraps that are elastic have been commonly referred to as “Mexican style” because they are like the gauze bandage that is often used in Mexico.


How To Wrap

You will find that most MMA & Boxing hand wraps can be broken down into 3 categories and they are:

  • Size (example, 120″ and 180″)
  • Style (example, Mexican Style)
  • Function (example, disposable or reusable)
MMA Handwraps

MMA Handwraps


Should I Be Wearing Wraps?

It is recommended if you are going to be training with heavy contact or bag training in order to protect your knuckles and hands.  Whether you are wearing the Mexican style or not sometimes you don’t want to place too many wraps on the knuckle or they won’t fit into the MMA gloves.  Also, when you are training sometimes it is better to skip wrapping your thumb so that your roll won’t become lose.

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