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MMA Training: Using Tempo Intervals

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A lot of athletes ask us about cardiovascular training and one great way to get the best type of training is the new tempo interval cardio training. Tempo training is a mix between LSD and HIIT and they are not the full out intensity training you are seeing a lot of these days. This lower intensity has proven to be effective in various training situations and phases of training.

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For your recovery, start with a 12-15 second run, using 70-75% speed and about 60 seconds of rest in-between repetitions. These intervals are a good form of active recovery, as it activates the body’s aerobic and adaptive mechanisms with a minimum of residual fatigue. As a result, active recovery improves while performing at a low to moderate volumes.

MMA Interval Training

MMA Interval Training

If you are looking to increase your aerobic level you can increase the volume to 20-30 minutes and get in 2 training sessions a week.

“In this case, it’s generally better that at least one of these is done using some combat specific drill like bag and pad work. It’s not very easy to do this type of interval using grappling drills unfortunately.”

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