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MMA Training: How To Find Your Most Optimal Training Intensity

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We had a reader ask a question about trying to get his Cardio and MMA training up to the most optimal level.  We receive this type of questions about twice a week so we thought we would cover it in the blog via a post.  Let us know if you like this level of detail or would like for us to stick to the high level topics of MMA training.

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What Percent Intensity and How can I Figure it Out?

Answer [Very Detailed]:

MMA Cardio Training

MMA Cardio Training

There are actually a couple of way you can find out just the right weight you should be using:

#1 – Way To Figure out Optimal Training Intensity

The age predicted formula:220-Age= Max HR
220 –25 years old = 195 beats per minute(BPM)
Take 195 BPM and multiply by 70% and 95%
195 x .70 = 139.5 BPM
195 X .95 = 185.25 BPM
So the range you want to be in is 140-185 BPM (rounding up)

#2 – Way To Figure out Optimal Training Intensity

Is commonly referred to as the Heart Rate Reserve Formula (HRRF), which takes into account your resting heart rate. By using the HRRF you can find the number of beats available to go from resting to an all-out maximal effort.
Take the age predicted formula: 220 – 25 = 195 BPM
Let’s say your resting heart rate is 60 BPM (To get resting HR sit and get your radial pulse for 15 seconds, counting the number of beats and multiply by 4) 15 beats in 15 seconds x 4 = 60 BPM = Resting HR
Heart Rate Reserve = MAX HR – Resting HR
HRR = 195 – 60 = 135BPM
70% Training Intensity = (135 x .70) + 60BPM = 154.5BPM
95% Training Intensity = (135 x .95) + 60BPM = 188.25BPM
The range for this formula is 155-188 BPM (rounding up)

70% intensity is what you will most commonly find and has been show to be a very good range to improve your aerobic capacity.

If you have any questions about MMA please let us know by using the comments below or using the our contacts page.

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