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Martial Arts Supplies and Your Dojo

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If you are an owner of a martial arts school in Judo, Karate, Taekwondo, or Jiu Jitsu or any other disciplines of martial arts, you probably already know that selling martial arts supplies is very important to your bottom dollar. Whether you are selling a martial arts uniforms, weapons, sparring gear, or training equipment you want the student to be able to actually use what you are selling them. So, it is imperative if they are buying a Dobak or Gi that you get them the correct size. One simple way you can do this is to use the free online martial arts uniform calculator that we provide here on The MMA Zone. All you need to figured out the size of uniform they will need is their height, body structure, and weight the calculator will do the rest.

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Most martial arts instructors that promote martial arts supplies inside their dojo that supplement get them from a wholesaler at

Martial Arts Dojo
Martial Arts Dojo

wholesale prices. One great method to increase your dojo’s revenue is to provide the uniforms for free (they will be paying for a membership) or at low price like $5. One other technique you can do is to get them uniforms with your specific dojo’s colors or with personalize patches or badges. Karate, Taekwondo, Brazilian Jiu Jitsu, Judo and along with any other type of uniform can be purchased at wholesale costs effortlessly on-line like at The MMA Zone. So, you can give the student a break or uniform at cost and make the profit on the membership much like the cell phone companies do with their phone subscribers. It will also conserve your students time so they are able to have the right attire for their coaching instantly.

If you order the uniforms in bulk make sure you order them in various sizes but one tip is to order more of the standard sizes. Uniforms are various for males, ladies, and children, and they vary in materials excess weight and quality. Choose only quality brand names such as Addidas, Century, Proforce, and Mizuno to ensure every student’s long-term satisfaction and there is not a question about quality. In the event you provide several kinds of training at your dojo, it’ll make things simpler in the event you can discover an internet shop that provides uniforms for various kinds of martial arts coaching, such as karate gi, judo gi, or dobok (Taekwondo). You’ll most likely obtain a better wholesale discount when using only 1 source for martial arts supplies.

Martial Arts Supplies for Your Dojo

Your students can advantage tremendously if your dojo provides up-to-date equipment and martial arts supplies for training. Items such as Japanese or Korean flags for tournaments, gongs, a scoreboard, and fight timers can be used in each coaching and the real tournaments. During coaching, these items can help prepare students for the real occasion. Coaching equipment which will assist improve your students’ studying encounter consists of punch bags, judo or karate mats, martial arts body shields, training Muay Thai strikepads, concentrate targets, self defense weapons, children training gear, boxing gear, kickboxing equipment, and coaching mitts. Martial arts supplies that will assist you to produce a professional image for the dojo consist of certificates, seals, and stamps.

Although you already know this it is important to make your instructing style to be ‘easy to swallow’ for the beginning student. It is also important that you really focus on giving the beginning students something they can really sink their teeth into and feel like they can do well. This will give the beginning students an incentive to stay with your dojo and classes well into the future. They will also be able to show their friends and family what they learned which will be spreading the word of your school.

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