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Get the Best MMA Training From The Best MMA School

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When a student is looking for MMA training to take them to the next level, whether they are starting out or have already been in the cage, a good place to begin is the search engines. The internet provides a great way to find your local MMA schools, and gives you an up-front idea of what they will be like. It may also be possible to read school reviews.

Most of the MMA school websites will give you information about their instructors on a “about the instructor” page. This will give you an idea of the background and accolades associated with your potential future trainers. The majority of these pages will also have information about assistant trainers, or junior instructors.

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The next thing to ask yourself about the MMA school you are thinking of joining, is whether they have a broad and flexible schedule. The schedules are typically posted somewhere on the website as well, but some schools may require that you call instead. Schedules and variety are something you should definitely take a look at and factor in when considering your MMA school.

Some schools will allow full contact sparring, and some only do partial contact. Obviously if you want to get the closest training possible to actual cage fighting, you will want to choose full contact. A good example of an MMA school that does full contact sparring, is Xtreme Couture which is run by former UFC champion Randy Couture. This type of training is very intense, and puts some fighters under a lot of pressure, which one could argue makes them sharper. However not everyone likes to spar like this, and there are some great partial contact schools out there.

Aside from the martial arts and technique aspect, fitness training is something that should be part of your MMA gym, and is something to think about when making the decision. Some schools have well equipped work-out equipment, which can be hugely beneficial to your overall training. Being able to train fitness at your MMA dojo will show in your schools overall performance.

If you can’t seem to find a school that matches your needs very closely, maybe it’s time to take the plunge anyway and see what happens. You may decide that you like a particular school after you have attended for a month or two, even though it didn’t catch your eye in the research phase.

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  1. Indianapolis Jiu Jitsu Says:

    Best MMA schools are the ones that are going to start you off learning separate disciplines vs. putting on the 4 oz gloves and fighting. While it takes longer to learn this way, you will be more balanced. Learn BJJ, boxing, wrestling… specialize in one or two and 1-2 years later put them together.

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