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Taekwondo & Self Defense

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I am a full-fledged lover of the martial arts. To be specific I practice the Tae Kwon Do Forms, Tae Kwon Do Sparring and Poomse also.

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Taekwondo & Self Defense

Taekwondo & Self Defense

Some people practicing Tae Kwon Do Forms might think: what’s the purpose of Tae Kwon Do training if you’re not allowed to use it in the streets?

Fact or Fiction about Taekwondo and Self Defense

As a matter of fact, it’s not true. There is some style of Tae Kwon Do that focuses on self-defense aspect within the art. Many people think TaeKwonDo is useless on the street because most of what they see is the style use mainly for Olympic competition.  They also think that the Taekwondo uniforms that is useless since you will not be in a uniform when a real self defense situation arises on the street.

Tae Kwon Do Forms is an exercise. Most Tae Kwon Do instructors don’t want and forbid you to use it because they know that it is useless and they don’t want you to know that. In a nutshell. It is my view and you do not to agree. Most of the traditional styles utilize “kata”. If it’s for real, you’ll be able to tell. In Tae Kwon Do, training involves a lot of contact. This is not fighting, but just contact. You’ll end up with a few scratches and bruises. If you don’t, then you are taking a class for exercise, not a self defense class, at minimum not a worthwhile and actual one.

If you need to defend yourself on the streets, you can use Tae Kwon Do or any other form of martial arts you have been trained in.

Follow these simple Taekwondo Self Defense guidelines Below:

1, It must be to defend only. The law does allow martial artist to defend ourselves. But we aren’t supposed to kill the people that have attacked us with his fist.

2. Some kind of restraint is supposed to be used by us.  I am not supposed to break 10 bones even though that is what we are trained to do.

3. The offense and defense must be on equal levels. I am supposed to stop any fight in which my attacker, having come at me with a weapon, has been disarmed. What I’m saying is that if I have bested my opponent until he is unable to attack, I am not to keep on beating on him just because I am mad.

4, There are some gray areas regarding the law. Once you have effectively neutralized your opponent, and he is no longer a threat, your best bet is to leave the scene immediately. You don’t have to break every bone in his body are put him in a comma before you stop retaliating.

5. Make good use of your self defense training. Don’t go overboard. If you keep things from getting out of hand, you will stay out of jail. It makes no difference if you know martial arts. If there is an alternate method of dealing with things, it’s not worth it to end up in jail. If someone threatens my life or my family’s life I will fight with the same force. The meaning of this is I’ll kill. I have no other options, and the lhe law is there to protect me, should such a situation arise.

6, You should probably find someone who has been doing karate (see karate uniforms) or kung fu around the same time as you and see if you can at least give him a good fight. If you can’t and the guy totally beats you up then you should consider getting out of that Tae Kwon Do class.

In Closing
When it’s all said and done, in a life-and-death scenario, a well-placed kick would probably be a better way to defend yourself than your classroom Tae Kwon Do skills.

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