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When Will MMA Go Main Stream?

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The other day over at they had a great post on the recent deal between UFC and Fox.  The advertising for the UFC events has been sold out its debut event and fast!  Even though this is the furthest step that MMA has made into the main stream it certainly isn’t there yet even though the World Poker Championship and video poker gets shown on ESPN.  While Dana White the UFC President has even said that ESPN won’t give the UFC the time of day on it’s show even after or before a great fight.

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For the UFC 2011 has been the toughest year so far since exploding into popularity in 2005. With a widely publicized string of main event cancellations and uncertainty about its future on free television has seen the UFC posting weaker TV ratings and pay-per-view numbers than it has in several years.  So, when will it go main stream or will it?

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