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MMA Site Review: MMA Headliner

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Every now and then we like to feature another MMA related website that we think our readers would like and most of all find useful, and we have found such a site.  We have started monitoring for the latest news in the world of mixed martial arts is  So, we wanted learn a little more about this website along with the idea and person behind the headlines.  The owner of is Mike Schluter who started the website because he was tired of tracking the important MMA news through several websites.  So, instead of just continuing to be frustrated he did something about it.

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He started which is an MMA news aggregator that pulls in all the latest and greatest news stories around the world of Mixed Martial Arts.  In his own words about MMAHeadliner Schulter had this to say, “MMA Headliner is almost one year old and was created for the hardcore MMA fan who is tired of checking for the latest MMA news”.

What is an Aggregator?

An aggregator is a website that doesn’t focus on unique content but is more focused on bringing together (through RSS feeds) all the current top stories from around the web to one central location.  A lot like Google News receives it’s news articles from 1,000′s of other sites and pulls them all together does this with the top MMA related sites.  So, instead of having to visit all those website he used to have to go to he bring them all together in one simple website which is

One Huge Database!

There are 19 MMA related sources in which is pulling it’s news stories from with The MMA Zone being one of them.  One thing that Mike has set his eyes on achieving is creating one of the largest known databases of stories related to MMA.  As of this writing has accrued over 41K+ of MMA news related items (wow!).  So, if you are looking for the latest and greatest MMA News then head on over to and you are sure to get the most important events in the world of Mixed Martial Arts.

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