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Is Dana White Right to Call ‘The Answer’ 2nd Best P4P?

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Written by: Aiden Rudd

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For several years now, Anderson Silva has been given the title of Pound for Pound best fighter in the world.  Not many people are stupid enough to argue that point.  The real argument from experts and fans alike is “who is number two?”  Many people have weighed in on the argument, including recently UFC President Dana White. Georges St. Pierre, the long time UFC Welterweight Champion, has often been given the title of ‘Number 2’. But, he has come under scrutiny from fans over his last few fights, for being a boring fighter.

Discounting a corner stoppage against BJ Penn, he hasn’t finished a fight since he beat Matt Serra to regain his title in April 2008. Fedor Emelianenko has been up there but has lost three on the bounce and has been finished in two of them and was stopped by the doctor in the third. Jose Aldo has also looked less than impressive in his last two MMA fights.

Last weekend Frankie ‘The Answer’ Edgar spectacularly toppled Lightweight contender Gray Maynard.  Even after an incredible second round battle back after a first round that was reminiscent of the fight at UFC 125 on New Year’s Day.  Which saw Edgar get knocked down three times in the first round, making him the first fighter to get knocked down three times in the same fight and win.

Post-fight Dana said “The guy weighs 145 pounds and he’s beating guys at 155 pounds. He beat a guy who had him out of it. A guy who many believed had his number.” And he is in fact right.

Frankie Edgar is a miniature Lightweight, who could probably drop down to Featherweight and still not need to cut much weight in a strong MMA Training camp, and I would argue that he could beat Jose Aldo.   He has beaten BJ Penn twice, becoming only the second fighter to do so (Georges St. Pierre). He has also just knocked out a much larger and physically stronger fighter, who is the only person to have ever been able to beat him. So, yes in my opinion Frankie Edgar is the second best Pound for Pound fighter in the world.

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